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Instead of going as far as Kenya, Tanzania, or the Caribbean for incredible beaches, you can actually find attractive and pristine beaches within the border/periphery of Uganda. Much as Uganda is Landlocked and the beaches are not by the coastline, this country boasts of unspoiled beaches by the Lakes. Uganda is blessed with several beaches but here are some of the most fantastic and popular beaches of Uganda that you can visit for unwinding, swimming, and merry-making. For tourists who take safaris in Uganda, it is worthwhile to unwind your journey with a visit to one of the beautiful beaches in Entebbe. Here are the most popular beaches in Uganda among others;

Munyonyo beach
Munyonyo Beach is situated just 12 kilometers/7.4 miles away from Kampala City and is preserved by the Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort. This tranquil beach offers a serene haven for leisure activities such as trips to the nearby Islands such as Bulago and Ngamba Chimp Island, Speed boat rides, canoeing, invigorating horse rides, fishing, and Paintball games among other activities.

Serena Resort Beach
Serena Resort Beach is one of Uganda’s fantastic and exquisite beaches that offer a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere to tourists. This Beach is found about 15 kilometers/9.3 miles from Kampala City within Kigo District, is part of the Lake Victoria Serena Resort, and accessibility to this peaceful Beach is limited to only guests of the Resort but is worth trying. Serena Resort Beach is adjoined by luxuriant vegetation and is befitting for several water sports. Additionally, it is possible to play golf or dock on your private Boat while at this Resort Beach.

Imperial Resort beaches
Imperial Resort Beaches are the perfect spot for ultimate relaxation during vacations and honeymoons. These Beaches are situated in Entebbe town, at least 42 kilometers/26 miles by road from Kampala City (Uganda’s Capital). There are two pristine beaches located very close to each other (Imperial Botanical Beach and Imperial Resort Beach) and are maintained by Imperial Resort Beach Hotel. While at the Imperial Botanical Beach, you can also explore the Botanical garden where you will see exceptional bird species, exotic tree species, and unique plant and butterfly species. The Imperial Resort Beaches are marvelous for water sport activities, sunbathing, and unwinding.

Lutembe Beach
Lutembe Beach is found just after Kajjansi along Kampala-Entebbe road at Namulanda. Access to this Beach is free and you can engage in camping, swimming (especially at the Swimming pool found within the Beach) and the Beach is a significant area for preservation/conservation of the white-winged Terns in Uganda, which makes this place a perfect bird watching Enthusiast’s place to be.

One love Beach
One Love Beach is owned by Bobi Wine-a a famous Ugandan Artist and incumbent Member of Parliament for Kyadongo East Constituency. This Beach is situated in Busabala and visitors to this Beach enjoy Beach walks by the shores, sunbathing, swimming, and ideal for events like parties among other interesting activities

Botanical garden Beach
Botanical Garden Beach is a serene beach situated near the Botanical garden and offers visitors the opportunity of sighting extraordinary bird species, exotic trees,s and plant species, activities possible within this Beach include swimming, sunbathing, and boat rides within Lake Victoria among other interesting activities.

Nabinonya Beach
Nabinonya Beach is located near Entebbe at 30 kilometers/18.6 miles away from Kampala and is preferred by mainly youth and families hence is a perfect place for family getaways and vacations. It is even interesting to know that this Beach is always used as a Campsite by the Uganda Youth Soccer Team (because it has a Campsite nearby). Nabinonya is a pristine and hidden Lake Shore Beach with an exquisite site of the remnant forest occupied by primates especially the Red-tailed Monkeys and numerous bird species. This beach with a quiet ambiance has several cold drinks and snack kiosks to keep you revitalized throughout sunny days.

Aero Beach
Aero Beach is one of the most popular and attractive Beaches in Uganda. This Beach is situated 1 kilometer from Entebbe International Airport and is nearly the famous Lido Beach (in Entebbe). Aero Beach is never overcrowded (like their nearby Lido Beach) hence offers a lot of Space for Privacy. For Sun-worshippers and those looking for quiet places, Aero Beach should be your next Beach option.

Ssese Islands
The Ssese Islands are an archipelago (group) of 84 wonderful Islands situated in the North-western side of Lake Victoria (the largest freshwater Lake in Uganda). Sandy beaches within the Ssese Islands are smaller in size, secluded, and are surrounded by Palm trees hence good for unwinding and perfect for honeymooners because of their tranquil surroundings and the little crowds.

Lido Beach
Situated approximately 1 kilometer from Entebbe International Airport is Lido Beach, the most popular and one of the oldest Beaches in Entebbe (and Uganda). This alluring white Sandy beach offers several activities to tourists that include beach sports like Volleyball, building Sand Castles, exhilarating boat rides (of course at a fee), swimming, sunbathing, and is a perfect place for events like parties.

Therefore, instead of moving outside the borders of Uganda looking for perfect beaches, you can actually explore one of the mentioned beaches and you will have an adventurous time.