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Are you within Mbarara Town or you are planning to make a trip to Mbarara Town, and are confused on what attractions to visit within this Town? Worry no more because the town of Milk and honey will get you sorted with the medley of tourist attractions within the district. Mbarara is a town situated in the western side of Uganda, approximately 290 kilometers/180 miles from Kampala City. This Town is a gateway and always a stopover tourists heading to most National Parks in Western and South-western Uganda such as Mgahinga National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park and Rwenzori Mountains National Park. At the entrance to Mbarara Town especially within Kizungu road is a giant bull, which signifies the pride of the Ankole People (native tribe). The interesting attractions within and around Mbarara Town include;

Lake Mburo National Park

This Park is found at approximately 240 kilometers/149 miles South-west of Kampala City and about 50 kilometers from Mbarara Town. This Park is the smallest Savannah National Park (covers 370 square kilometers/26000 hectares), but is popular the spectacular Lake Mburo, that occupies over 20% of the Park’s land surface, over 350 bird species that include the African Scops owl, Bare-faced Go-away-bird, the Common Scimitarbill, the White-winged warblers, the blue-breasted kingfishers, Green Wood-hoopoe, the Brown-chested lapwing, the Papyrus yellow warblers, the African finfoot, the Saddle-billed storks, the Abyssinian ground hornbills. For those interested in wildlife safaris in Uganda, there are over 68 mammal species that include Burchell’s zebras, Giraffes, Defassa waterbucks, bushbucks, Oribis, Impalas, Topis, elands, Reedbucks, buffaloes, Leopards, warthogs, Hippos and Spotted Hyenas among others.

The Igongo Cultural Center

While within Mbarara town, do not miss to visit the Igongo Cultural center that is situated about 12 kilometers/7 miles from Mbarara on the route to Kampala (from Mbarara). This exceptional cultural village is worthwhile. Nestled on the grounds of the former Palace of the Ankole King, this cultural center displays the culture of the people of western Uganda-particularly the Ankole through artifacts, a cultural village replica and several other things worth exploring. Also within the cultural village is a state of art restaurant that serves the most mouth-watering traditional Ankole dishes like boiled meat, matooke and eshabwe-a local delicacy. You will also be able to purchase some crafts and souvenirs from the center.  Igongo Cultural Center is also a good venue for weddings, birthday parties, graduation parties and other get-together parties or meetings.

River Rwizi

This is one of the must visit places in Mbarara Town. This River flows from Bushenyi district, through Mbarara to Rakai district. Some of the interesting activities to expect include canoeing, primate viewing and birding because it is a home to several bird species such as the Pink-backed pelicans, egrets and the African Fish eagles among others.

Lake Nakivale

Lake Nakivale, found at 40 kilometers South-eastern of Mbarara Town is known for its Sandy beaches good for relaxing and chilling and is a perfect getaway from the noisy town of Mbarara and the same boring schedules.

Nkokonjeru Tombs of Ankole

This cultural and heritage site is where you will find the graves of two former Kings of Ankole Kingdom-Omugabe (King) Edward Solomon Kahaya II who passed away in 1944, and the Omugabe Sir Charles Godfrey Rutahaba Gasyonga II who passed-on in 1982 after reigning doe 23 years. The are other graves (for other former royals) outside the tomb house

Besides the above places, you can also visit the Ankole Kingdom Palace located within Kamukuzi, in Mbarara municipality and the Mbarara Golf course (near Mbarara University of Science and Technology) is one of the best golf courses in Uganda perfect for golf lovers.

In conclusion the land of milk and honey is a tourist hub known for spectacular sites such as the Nkokonjeru Tombs of Ankole, the Igongo Cultural Center, Lake Nakivale, River Rwizi and Lake Mburo National Park among others.