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Location : Kampala District is located in Central Uganda. It borders the districts of Mukono to the East and Wakiso to the West, South, and North.

Population: The District has a population of about 1.2 million people.

Main Town: Kampala is an urban district and the Country’s Capital city.

Area: 197 Square Kilometers

Land and vegetation: 8.6 percent of the district area is open water, 8.3 percent is wetland and 0.04 percent is a forest reserve.

The Survey of attractions in Kampala District was based on zones that make up the district, namely; Makindye, Rubaga, Nakawa, Rubaga, and Central Divisions.

The key tourist attractions of the District by Division are given below.

Makindye Division
1. Beaches at Lake Victoria
Makindye Division has the largest share of Lake Victoria, of all Divisions in Kampala. A number of beaches in the Division have been developed into recreation and accommodation establishments. These are KK Resort Beach, Gaba Beach Hotel, Speke Resort Munyonyo, Kawuku Water Sports Club, and Mulungi Kabaka’s Recreation Center.

The main attractions at the Beaches include water sports such as canoeing, boat rides/cruises, and sportfishing/angling. The beaches also offer opportunities for some bird watching. In particular, the Speke Resort Munyonyo establishment offers horse riding, while the Kabaka’s Recreational Center is the site for the annual Buganda clans boat competition.

The unexploited potential exists for the development of tourism products at several other beaches in Makindye Division such as at the sandy beaches Kawuku, near Gaba.

2. Scenery Viewing
The various hills found in Makindye Division provide an opportunity for a panoramic view of areas of Kampala City, lake Victoria and beyond. These include Muyenga, Buziga, and Bukasa.

La Panorama Hotel, International Hotel Muyenga, Lake View Guest House at Buziga, and Hotel Diplomat and Shires Hotel in Bukasa Parish are some of the places which are popular for panoramic views in Kampala.

3. Cultural/Historical Sites
There are few cultural/historical of local and national significance in the Division. The most important is the Sir Albert Cook site located at Luwafu in Makindye.

4. Other Attractions and Prime Recreational Areas
Other attractions in the Division include the American Embassy Sports Club at Makindye (exclusive to members), Didi’s World Entertainment Center at Kansanga, and numerous small sports and entertainment centers particularly found at Kansanga and Kabalagala.

5. Crafts and Souvenirs Industry
There were 10 independent crafts and souvenirs shops in the Division at the time of the survey. The shops were located at Kabalagala, Kansanga, Gaba and Muyenga.

A significant variety of crafts and souvenirs on sale were from Kenya. The outlets appear to have a potential market for the considerable amount of crafts and souvenirs made elsewhere in the Country.

6. Hotel and Catering Industry
The Division had 26 accommodation business establishments. The outstanding accommodation establishments in the Division included Hotel International Muyenga and Hotel Calendar at Makindye.

Nakawa Division
1. Kiwatule Recreation Centre
The Centre is located 10 Kilometres East the City Centre. It comprises an amusement park with children’s jungle gymnastics, train rides around the Park, an aquatic habitat, swimming pools, refreshments facilities, an exclusive members club, about 8 acres of extensive play and excursion grounds, a health club, and various mobile children’s play equipment.

The Centre is particularly popular to local residents for excursions, wedding functions, and other celebration functions.

2. Pier at PortBell
PortBell was the Country’s first communication center for flying boats that delivered mail from Wilson Airport in Kenya. To date, it is the main terminal for cargo and passenger ships between the Country and the neighboring countries sharing Lake Victoria.

Besides the business activities at PortBell, the Port is important for cross-border tourism, especially between Uganda and Tanzania.

3. Lugogo Show Grounds
The show grounds are located in the Nakawa Valley, 3 Kilometres from the City Centre. The grounds, which belong to the Uganda Manufacturer’s Association, are of national and international significance. The grounds annually host an international trade exhibition and various other national fairs.

4. Cultural/Historical Sites
The Nakawa Commonwealth Veterans Cemetery is the most important cultural/historical site in Nakawa Division. It is located in the Kiswa zone near the Bugolobi trading center. It is a burial site for military servicemen who died in the country during the colonial period. The well-kept grounds are decorated with clearly marked marble gravestones bearing names and court of arms of the forces of the late servicemen. The large number of visitors signing the visitor register and seen by the survey team indicates the importance of the site.

5. Scenery Viewing
Scenic panoramic views of Kampala city and the surrounding areas can be got at the hills of Naguru, Mbuya, and Mutungo.

6. Other Attractions and Prime Recreational Areas
Lugogo cricket and tennis grounds are among the key prime recreational areas in Nakawa Division. Others include the Lugogo Rugby Club.

7. Crafts and Souvenirs Industry
Luzira Prisons Crafts and the Bugolobi African Creations Limited were the only independent crafts and souvenirs shops in the Division, at the time of the survey. The shops contain pieces of art and crafts of various tribes in countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and Tanzania.

8. Hotel and Catering Industry
The Division had 16 accommodation business establishments. The outstanding accommodation establishments, at the time of the survey, included Dolphin Suites and Silver Springs.

Kawempe Division
1. Bahai Temple

Bahai Temple

Bahai temple is located on Kikaya Hill, 7 Kilometers from the City Centre
along the Kampala-Gayaza road. This is the only temple of the Bahai faith in Africa.

The temple is of international significance and an attraction to the Bahai community all over the world. The temple also attracts other visitors because of its unique design and panoramic view of the City Center. The quiet environment at the site also attracts visitors for prayer and meditation.

2. Makerere University
It is situated on the Makerere hill, 3 Kilometers north of the City center. The University is the most important institution of learning in the Country. Until recently, the 1990s, it was the only University in Uganda. Makerere started in 1922 as a technical college for students in Eastern Africa and gained University College status in 1949, before becoming a fully independent University in 1970. It is the oldest University in East Africa and was, until 1954, the only institution for higher learning in East Africa.

The main attractions for visitors to the university include research, conferences, and its architectural design and history.

3. Mulago Hospital
Mulago Hospital is located about 3.5 kilometers northeast of the center of Kampala City. The hospital, which started as a treatment center in 1913, was built in the the1950s. Mulago is the only national referral hospital in the Country.
Research and its architectural design are the key attractions for visitors to the Hospital.

4. Muganzi Lwaza Hill
The hill is found about 10 Kilometers from the City center off the Kampala-Gayaza road. The site comprises an old house and a Church. The house belongs to the mother of the Buganda King. It is said to be located at the place where the mothers of the early Kings used to sit and watch over the burial site of the Kings, at Kasubi.

5. Mbogo Tombs
This is the burial place of the first Muslim from the Ganda tribe. Mbogo was brother to Prince Kakungulu who was representative of the colonial government in charge of overseeing much of Eastern Uganda. The tombs are located in the Mbogo zone in Kawempe Division.

6. Scenery Viewing
Makerere University and Mulago hills provide panoramic views of the City center and beyond. Other areas for panoramic viewing include Muganzi Lwaza hill.

7. Other Attractions and Prime Recreational Areas
Wandegeya situated close to the Makerere University and Bwaise township located 6 kilometers from the City center are among the key prime recreational areas in Kawempe Division.

8. Crafts and Souvenirs Industry
There was no independent crafts and souvenirs shop in the kawempe Division, at the time of the survey. However, some areas especially in Wandegeya township appeared to have a potential market for the items.

9. Hotel and Catering Industry
The Division had 22 accommodation business establishments. The outstanding accommodation establishments, at the time of the survey, included College Inn and Tick Hotel.

Rubaga Division
1. Kasubi Tombs
The Tombs are located on Kasubi Hill, about 5 Kilometres along the Kampala-Hoima road. The site is the burial place for Buganda Kings. Four former Kings are buried here, namely; Mutesa I (1856-1884), Mwanga (1884-1897), Chwa Daudi (1899-1939), and Mutesa II (1939-1966). The site comprises a main mausoleum, which is the largest in Africa, other smaller mausoleum used as residences for caretakers and regalia for various former Kings of the Buganda Kingdom.

The main attractions by visitors to the site include the meticulous architectural design of the mausoleum and other huts, viewing of regalia, and pictures of former Kings and stories and history about the Buganda kingdom.

2. Kabaka’s Lake
This is the largest man-made lake in Uganda. The Lake is situated near Ndeeba township, about 5 kilometers west of the City center, along the Kampala-Masaka road. It was dug on orders of Mwanga, a former king of Buganda. It is considered sacred by the 52 clans of Buganda whose leaders organize to keep it clean.

Some cottages for accommodation have been established at the site. Other attractions at the lake include boat racing, excursions, and some catering services.

3. Rubaga and Namirembe Cathedrals
Rubaga Cathedral is located on Rubaga hill, about 5 Kilometers northwest of the City center. The Cathedral is the seat of the Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church in Uganda. Rubaga hill was formerly a palace of Mutesa I but was donated to Bishop Hirth by his successor Mwanga in 1889. The Cathedral was opened on 31st October 1925.

Namirembe Cathedral is located on a Namirembe hill adjacent to Rubaga hill. The hill is the seat of the Archbishop of the Anglican Church (Church of Uganda). The hill was donated by Mutesa I to the early missionaries in 1877. A Church was built at the site in the 1880s and the Cathedral was built in 1890.

Both Cathedrals are an attraction for religious pilgrims. Other visitors are attracted by the architecture of the cathedrals and the panoramic view of Kampala from the hills.

4. Other Attractions and Prime Recreational Areas
Other attractions in Rubaga Division include the Stones at Katwe, where the Kabaka’s sorghum is said to have been ground and the first Mosque to be built in Uganda found at Nateete, the “Twekobe”(Buganda Parliament) House at Mengo, the Lubiri (Palace) near Katwe and the late Cardinal Nsubuga’s shrines at Kabuusu.

Prime recreational areas in the Division include various small sports centers and nightclubs at Nateete, Mengo, and Nakulabye.

5. Crafts and Souvenirs Industry
There were five independent crafts and souvenirs shops in the Division, at the time of the survey. These were: Sikyomu Drum Makers at Busega, Kasubi Tombs Crafts shop at Kasubi, Musigula Mbugo, and Andrew’s Artistry.

6. Hotel and Catering Industry
The Division had 60 accommodation business establishments. The outstanding accommodation establishments, at the time of the survey, included Namirembe Guest House, Back-Parkers Hostel and Campsite, and Pope Paul IV Memorial Center.

Central Division
1. Lugard’s Fort at Old Kampala
The Fort is located at Old Kampala hill directly overlooking the City center and situated about 2 kilometers north-west of it. The Fort is of national importance and signifies the Country’s colonial era under the rule of Captain Lugard as first Governor of the Protectorate.

The site was being demolished for relocation to another site on the hill by the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council, at the time of the Survey team’s visit.

2. Uganda National Museum
The Museum is located 3 kilometers from the City center, along the city’s Kiira road. This is the Country’s only museum and is the oldest in East Africa. The museum became operational in 1908, with collections of objects from various traditional chiefs.

In particular, the Museum houses materials on the Country’s history, archeological art facts, natural history specimens, and various traditional musical instruments.

3. The Nommo Art Gallary
The Nommo Art Gallery is located at Nakaserro, next to the State Lodge. The Gallery is the country’s center for various outstanding artworks. The items houses range from pottery pieces to paintings and ties and dyes.

4. Architectural Designs
Central Division is the center for old and new modern architectural designs of buildings. The designs are an attraction, particularly for international and domestic upcountry visitors.

Modern architectural designs include the Crested Towers, Sheraton Hotel, Telecommunications House, Workers House, Nile Hotel and Conference Centre, and Bank of Uganda.

The Department of Museums and Antiquities are yet to identify and gazette the buildings with old architectural designs.

5. Town/City Tours
The three kilometers radius of Central Kampala offers an opportunity for brief self and guided city tours. Popular directions currently exploited by tourists include rides on Kololo Hill, Old Kampala Hill, Kampala/Jinja Roads, and other roads in the City center.

6. Scenery Viewing
Kololo, Nakasero, and Old Kampala hills provide panoramic views of the City center and beyond. The hilly landscape of Kampala City enables panoramic viewing of surrounding areas particularly from high-profile hotels such as the Sheraton and Fairway.

7. Other Attractions and Prime Recreational Areas
Other attractions and prime recreational areas in Central Division include the Golf Club, Nakivubo Stadium, the City’s Markets, Clock Tower, the National Theatre, the National Parliamentary Buildings, and various nightclubs.

5. Crafts and Souvenirs Industry
There were several independent crafts and souvenirs shops in the Division, at the time of the survey. The National Theatre Crafts Village, African Creations at Kamwokya, Banana Boat at Kisementi-Kamwokya, and Uganda Crafts Shop at Bat Valley were the most important crafts and souvenirs centers in Central Kampala.

6. Hotel and Catering Industry
The Division had 60 accommodation business establishments. The outstanding accommodation establishments, at the time of the survey, included Sheraton Hotel, Fairway Hotel, Musa Courts Apartments, Lugogo Apartments, Hotel Equatoria, and the Grand Imperial Hotel.