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One of Uganda’s unique charms is its dynamic blend of old and new. During your safari in Uganda, you can experience ancient temples, gardens, and cultural traditions. There are lots of cultural experiences and encounters.
Uganda has a diverse culture and is one of the countries with the highest number of tribes and each tribe represents its culture.

Uganda has a lot of ethnic groups that each group speaks its own languages all this group speaks the common language called English as the official language but very few of the people can speak English. some of the groups are Bantu, Nilotic, Swahili, lumasaba.
Each region in Uganda represent a group of people, and the regions are the western region north, east and southern region
The western region is mainly dominated by the Bantu speaking group ie bakiga, batooro banyoro banyankole,bakonjo
The northern region is dominated by the Nilotic ie Ruo Achooli Lugubara Iteso
Easter are also for the Bagisu Basoga,Banyoli Badama
The central region is well known for the Baganda but is the largest region with different cultural groups. almost every culture has a representative in the Buganda region
In the central region, we have the Buganda kingdom
In the eastern region, we have the Busoga kingdom
In the western region, we have Tooro kingdom, Ankole kingdom, Buntoro kingdom,