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Visiting Mabira Forest

Mabira forest is the largest natural lowland tropical forest in central Uganda. It’s about 2 hours’ drive from Kampala past. The forest is home to over 200 species of birds and about 5 of primates. The forest has become a popular place for camping.

Visiting the Ssezibwa Falls

The Ssezibwa Falls are located along the Kampala – Jinja highway. The local Baganda people consider it an important cultural site where the spirit of their ancestors still rest. Tourists love the place because of the crystal clear water falling from a steep cliff into the nearby forest. Visiting the place isn’t all about the falls. The scenery is beautiful with lush green forests that act as sanctuaries to birds and small primates. While at the falls, do not forget to visit the local snake cave where people still perfume rituals to appease their ancestors.