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The Shoebill: Africa’s most sought after bird
Uganda is more than just Gorillas. Travelers to Africa have unanimously consented that Uganda not only has a great diversity
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Semuliki National Park is more than just hot springs
Formerly a forest reserve, Semliki with an area of 220 square kilometres was given national park status in 1993. The
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Mountain Gorillas – Africa’s Gentle Giants
Gorillas, chimpanzees, orangutans and humans all belong to the order of primates. Humans share 98.4% of their genetic material with
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Mount Rwenzori – Africa’s Highest Mountain Range
Awe-inspiring is perhaps an understatement when describing the beauty of this world-class hiking and mountaineering Uganda destination: The Rwenzoris. Described
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Kidepo Valley National Park speaks to the soul
Tucked into the corner of Uganda‘s border with South Sudan and Kenya, Kidepo Valley National Park is truly one of
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