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Are you looking for a nature retreat in an exclusive and remote location in Africa? Budongo Forest is one of the few ecotourism sites on the African continent endowed with a lot of amazing things! Budongo Forest is one of the tropical forests in Uganda. It is can be found after 3 hours drive from Kampala on the way to Murchison Falls National Park – the largest in Uganda. It is noted that Budongo forest is the largest Mahogany forest in East Africa and famous for hosting the chimpanzees, birds and other wildlife species. On most safaris in Uganda to Murchison falls national park, chimpanzee trekking starts from Kaniyo Pabidi Ecotourism site.

The 115 kilometer expanse is a remote chunk of the Budongo forest. Its isolation once in a while offers a safe haven for the Lions, Leopards as well as Buffaloes. Early in the morning is the ideal time to set out touring because then you will have an opportunity to find a number of the forest inhabitants licking salt by the forest glades. River Waiga offers refreshment to the various wildlife species within this forest.

Tourist activities enjoyed in Budongo Forest

Chimpanzee tracking – is the major tourist activity in the forest – chimp tracking starts in the morning and ends in afternoon or evening- a maximum of eight people are allowed to visit each chimpanzee group.

Birding – the forest is among the most ideal places in Uganda to have a guided bird watching tour by the Royal Mile that extends from Nyabyeya Forestry College to the research station. Over 360 species have been recorded in the forest – other wildlife species include 290 butter flies species, 130 Moths species, 465 tree species, as well as 24 mammals nine of which are actually primates.

The forest is characterized by a medium altitude damp semi-deciduous verdant forest that covers 42 800 hectares, with patches of Savanna as well as woodland.

Other attractions in Budongo forest include the 4 tinny rivers draining the forest like River Waisoke, River Sonso, River Bubwa, plus Wake that empty into the Lake Albert. Budongo forest has 5 major forest types which include: swamp-forest, mixed, Cynometra-mixed, colonizing plus the Cynometra.

Budongo forest is dominated by Guinea birds – second to Semliki National Park in Uganda. The Yellow-footed Flycatcher, simply known in Budongo within Uganda, was common within mature forest, however today it is extremely rare to see. These different species are as well seen in just a few additional forests within Uganda. The Budongo Forest is located in northwest of Uganda’s capital city – Uganda.

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