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Uganda has numerous Islands all of which offer great sightseeing, exploration, rambling, and sporting opportunities. They include; notably, Ngamba, Ssese Islands- which are cluster Islands, some of which are Bukasa, Buggala, Bufumira, Bukasa, Bubeke, and Kkome.

Ssese Islands
They are a group of 84 islands found on lake Victoria, off the western shore. They are increasingly popular and offer a lot of relaxation since they are not overrun with visitors, insights into the lives of the people known as Basese who are primarily fishermen and farmers. Rambling is the best way to see the islands and boat rides which the fishermen can be talked into.

Buggala Island
Is the largest Island in Victorian waters and the best developed for tourism and regularly receives visitors. Kalangala is the administrative center for the islands and is on the eastern end of the Islands. There are animals and birds on the island the most common being the vervet monkey. Bushbuck and black and white colobus are also there. Water and forest birds include varieties of hornbills, turacos, barbets, flycatchers, robin-chats besides others. The nearby Lutoboka Bay hosts the island’s cluster of resort beaches and offers a variety of beach activities.

Bukasa Island
Is the second largest on Lake Victoria and it is very attractive. It is mostly forested and monkeys and birds are plentiful. Points of interest are a plunge pool surrounded by forest and a waterfall. The island can be explored on foot.

Other Islands;

There are many more other islands that form the Ssese Islands, and are worth exploring. Bufumira and Banda and the other smaller and uninhabited ones can all be reached from Buggala aboard fishing boats.

Ngamba Island
Ngamba is found on Lake Victoria. It is 23km from Entebbe town and is popular because of the chimpanzees it offers sanctuary to. Nicknamed ‘Chimp Island’ because of the Chimpanzee Sanctuary, it is forested and the chimps freely wander about. The chimps at Ngamba tolerate human presence and do not scamper off. They therefore can be viewed at very close range especially during feeding times

Bunyonyi Islands
These are several Islands all found on Lake Bunyoni and are worth visiting. Some notable ones are Bwama, Bushara, Itambara, Akampene, and Akabucuanuka. Bwama is the largest and apart from the sights and casual exploration opportunities, on it is a center for the disabled. Itambira has beautiful scenery, and Akampene also known as the Island of Punishment because in the traditional Bakiga community, sex marriage was forbidden and punishment very harsh- the girl would be banished to the Island and suffered two fates; any man interested in her would take her after paying the bride price she would have fetched or in the event that no man is interested, she would starve to death.