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Indeed, Uganda is the Pearl of Africa due to the fact that its gifted by Nature. I had never heard, read or seen a transparent lake anywhere but this exists in Uganda. The lake is found in Nyakasharu Parish in Rubirizi district in western Uganda. While in Rubirizi district, the lake can be accessed on a boda -boda (motorcycle) in the first segment of the journey and then walk to the lake in the last segment.

The journey on the motorbike lasts between 15-20mins depending on the speed. On your way to the lake you will come across a pathway of River Rubale, you will also have a beautiful scenery of a man-made forest, birds of different types are chirping and swarms of beautiful butterflies occasionally wobbles across the trail.

From a distance, it comes off as any other lake. To have a clear view of the transparency in the lake, you just have to get closer. It strips bare all that is below it, you can clearly see a drum probably cast down by an adventurous tourist, the foliage and logs underneath the lake.

Tourists from different regions come to believe by their eyes the magic in lake Kamunzuku and some of the courageous tourists go scuba-diving to have an exact experience of the uniqueness of the lake. The locals stress out that it is not easy to fish in Kamunzuku due to its transparency and the fish easily see the nets and they resorted to using rods however they are seen too and at times not. On a lucky day, one can leave with five fish but after hard work. Tilapia and Mud fish are commonly caught from the lake.

Lake Kamunzuku is believed to have been more transparent 20years back according to the elders in the community and they further say many tourists used to flooding the place in the interest of knowing what really made the lake transparent and some went as far as its base to see what was there but all in vain. Rumors have it that there must be untapped minerals like gold or oil beneath the lake that explains why it is transparent.

Enthusiasts of nature have the luxury of ending their trip by going for a nature walk through the rich forest that sits on the larger part of the shore.

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