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Busoga Kingdom is one of the Kingdoms in Uganda and just like other Kingdoms, it has several interesting cultural sites that are worth exploring hence the development of this cultural trail. This magnificent Busoga Kyabazinga Royal Trail is one of the most interesting activities within Busoga Kingdom that allows tourists to explore the rich and diverse cultural Heritage of the people of Busoga Kingdom and discover the hidden yet interesting cultural sites found within Busoga region. Some of the spectacular sites to explore in this trail include Bishop James Hannington in Kyando Mayuge, the wonderful Kagulu Rocks, Wanyange Afro Tourism, the Jinja Cultural Centre, Iyinga Landing Site, the Source of the River Nile in Jinja, the St. Matia Mulumba martyrdom site in Mayuge, the King’s Palace in Iganga, Mpumudde Hill, Kagulu Hill, Budhumbula Shrine and Palace, Bishop Hannington Site and cultural Museums among others. Most importantly, this invigorating trail contributes to the development and marketing of local cultural sites in Busoga Kingdom

Busoga Kingdom-locally known as “Obwakyabazinga bwa Busoga” is one of Uganda’s most admired and popular Kingdoms in Africa. The Basoga-the native tribe in Busoga Kingdom were organized in numerous chiefdoms and first paid homage to Bunyoro Kingdom in western Uganda then later to Buganda Kingdom in Central Uganda. However after the arrival of the British Colonialists, the numerous chiefdoms were merged to make the large Busoga Lukiiko (Parliament) which was first ruled by Semei Kakungulu-a Muganda confederate during the British governance. After the end of Kakungulu’s rule, the Basoga retained the order and title of Isebantu Kyabazinga was derived and ultimate Busoga settlement for a Centralized Monarchy that it relishes up to today under the Kingship of His Majesty William Wilberforce Kadhumbula Gabula Nadiope IV.

Therefore, the mind-boggling Kyabazinga Royal Trail rewards tourists with the royal, ancient, heritage and Cultural Sites of the Kingdom of Busoga for an in depth understanding and appreciation of the Kingdom that  offers a strong history and Cultural importance to Uganda and Africa as a whole. This Trail will allow you to explore all the mentioned cultural sites.

Kagulu Hill found on the Kagulu hill in Bugabula sub-county of Buyende district is believed to be the first settlement of the ancestors of Busoga and were led by Prince Mukama from Bunyoro Kingdom. This Hill takes tourists through some of the norms of Busoga and will be marveled by the mysterious small Lake that is believed to be a source of blessings to the people. Much as the cultural value of the Kagulu Hill has just been recognized, Kagulu extends to cover an enormous area-the remaining and visible landmark. This hill can be climbed due to the climbing steps/stairs on its southern side that allows tourists to reach its peak.

The Budhumbula Shrine and Palace, donated by the British protectorate government in 1914 is situated at 2 kilometers from Kamuli Town along the Jinja-Kamuli highway. This cultural site is made up of a shrine and the former residence of the former Kyabazinga (King) of Busoga Kingdom-Sir William Wilberforce Kadhumbula Nadiope who passed away in 1976. This Shrine is covered by wonderful marbles that are made up of graves of also other members of the Royal family like the former King and Queen (Nadiope’s mother and father)-Nadiope (father) and Nansikombi (mother). Presently, the site is a home to Prince William Nadiope IV. Other graves that you will see at this site include the son of former King called Prince Professor Wilson Nadiope who passed away in 1991 and his mother Yuliya Babirye Nadiope who died in 2004.

Source of the Nile River-World’s second longest River (Lake Victoria) was discovered to be in Jinja by John Speke.

Mpumudde Hill is where the former King of Bunyoro Kingdom-Omukama Kabalega passed away on the 6th of April 1923 on his way back from exile in the Seychelles. This wonderful Hill has always been a significant site to Busoga Kingdom and Bunyoro Kingdom too.

The Bishop Hannington Site in Mayuge is where the Anglican evangelist-James Hannington was murdered. Interestingly, the caretakers of this wonderful site are the great-grandchildren of Chief Luba-who is believed to have approved the killing of Bishop Hannington.

In conclusion, the Busoga Kyabazinga Royal Trail is one of the interesting and exciting trails that allow tourists to explore the culture and history of Busoga Kingdom and some of the sites on this trail include the Kagulu Hill, Mpumudde Hill, the Source of the Nile and the Bishop Hannington Site and the Budhumbula Shrine and Palace among others.