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here are many exciting places to visit in Uganda.

Ssese Islands:

These Islands comprise of about 84 Islands in Lake Victoria. They are situated in the Northwestern part of the mighty Lake Victoria. They are separated into 2 visible groups Bugala Group and Koome Group. Mainly, it is the Bantu speaking people that live in these Islands and you can also join them as you get out of the Kampala hassle.

Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary:

This is an incredible refuge for over 50 orphaned chimpanzees rescued throughout Uganda. The sanctuary is situated in Lake Victoria. Visiting this remarkable sanctuary offers tourists with incredible opportunities to explore the chimps at a close range.

Uganda Equator:

The Uganda Equator is one of the most remarkable and famous landmarks in Uganda. It is found around Kayabwe, Mpigi district nearly 72 kilometers away from Kampala city. As well, you will also sight at Equator markings around Queen Elizabeth National Park and if you are in this park for your wildlife safaris, never miss to take photos. While in these areas, you will experience the warm temperatures as you stand in the middle of the world.