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Here you can search for the different tour operators offering tours in Uganda. Our Tour Operator directory is the best online listing of travel and adventure specialists in Uganda!

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Featured Tour Operators

African Jungle Safaris

Hoima Road, Kampala
P.O Box 30790 – Kampala
Office: +256-392-000834
Cell: +256-773-728141
E: info@junglesafarisuganda.com
Web: www.junglesafarisuganda.com

Africa Tours Adventure

Uganda Red Cross Building
Plot 551/555 Rubaga Rd
Annex wing, 2nd Floor, Rm 1.
Tel: +256 782 186 562 (UGANDA)
Tel: +1312 818 0158 (USA)
Email: info@africatoursadventure.org
Website: www.africatoursadventure.org

Cheap Uganda Safaris

Level 1, Room 02 C,
Najja Shopping Center, Najjanankumbi
Email : info@cheapugandasafaris.com
Call us: +256-774-819-223
Call us: +256-787-471-094
Website: www.cheapugandasafaris.com

Go Gorilla Trekking

Room 03B, Najjanankumbi
Kampala, Uganda
Tel: +256 792 187888
Email: info@gogorillatrekking.com
Website: www.gogorillatrekking.com

Gorillaland Safaris

Zana, Entebbe Road
Kampala, Uganda
Tel: +256 790 890950
Email: info@gorillalandsafaris.com
Website: www.gorillalandsafaris.com

Gorilla Safari Trek

Entebbe Road, Kampala
Tel: +256-777887173
Email: info@gorillasafaritrek.com
Website: www.gorillasafaritrek.com

Gorilla Tours

Plot No 17, Mugula Road, Entebbe
PO Box 29333
Kampala, Uganda
Fax. +256 (0)414 267055
Mobile. +256 (0)772 445805
email. postmaster@gorillatours.com
Website: www.gorillatours.com

Experience Africa Safaris

Bulange, Mengo
Tel: +256 702 113125
Email: info@goafricasafaris.com
Website: www.goafricasafaris.com

Mountain Gorilla Tours

Plot 4 Kimathi Avenue, Kampala
Kampala, Uganda
Tel. +256 (0)792 187 888
email. info@mountaingorillatours.com
Website: www.mountaingorillatours.com

Primate Safaris Uganda
Najja Shopping Centre, Kampala
Tel: +256392159498
Email: info@primatesafarisuganda.com
Website: www.primatesafarisuganda.com

Safaris Uganda

Room 03B
Najja House,
Najjanankumbi stella, Kampala.
Tel: +256 792 187 888
Email: info@safarisuganda.com
Website: www.safarisuganda.com

Uganda Safari Trek

2nd Floor, Yiga Chambers
Old Kampala Road,
Tel: +256 774 873278
Email: info@ugandasafaritrek.com
Website: www.ugandasafaritrek.com

Walmark Africa Safaris

Plot 474, Block 245, Gaba Road,
Kampala Uganda
Mobile: +256 701 587665
+256 393 515343
+256 414 254495
Email: info@walmarkafricasafaris.com
Website: www.walmarkafricasafaris.com