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Is Uganda a safe country to guests?

Uganda is so safe to visit. Even though Uganda has lived through unstable history, the country is safe, stable and welcoming. The people of Uganda are so hospitable in nature and you will surely be welcomed wherever you go by the country’s these wonderful residents. National parks in the western part of the country are so safe to visit. The border areas with DRC and Rwanda have remained stable and all the wildlife reserves are well protected by Uganda Wildlife Authority rangers. The tourism sector is so vital for Uganda’s economy and tourism Police Force has been created to give protection to the visitors. Your personal insurance company will provide all the information about Uganda. Always be rest assured that your safety is our first priority and we are ready to give you the best advice about security.

Is Kampala a safe city to visit in Uganda?

Kampala is one of the safest cities in east Africa, the driver will give you all the information you will need to make sure your trip is so safe and incident free. You can also ask questions in case you have any.

Is the country safe for the homosexuals?

In spite of some of the negative press release, Uganda is a safe country for the lesbians and the gay people. Though, the country is a conservative country as we also recommend discretion.