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In case you fail to encounter some wildlife in the national parks such as Lions, leopards, and many others, worry not The Uganda wildlife Education center is there for you. Only one day is enough to explore this former zoo and here, visitors are assured to view some of the animals, including big mammals, primates, birds, big cats, reptiles, and many others that can be found in the wild elsewhere in Uganda. The Uganda wildlife education center is found at the shores of Lake Victoria, the largest freshwater lake in Africa.

Uganda wildlife education center was formed in 1952 as the Uganda zoo and its primary purpose was to accommodate the injured, orphaned, sick, and rescued animals from poachers and other calamities and in the 1960’s it was named Entebbe zoo, a name that is still a household name by most Ugandans and foreigners. During the early years, this zoo accommodated non-native species like Tigers, Beers and many other they were kept just for visitors to view them on their safari in Uganda. The name Uganda wildlife Education center later took over the zoo with the aim of conservation education, not just accommodating injured and rescued animals.

In this place, chimpanzees, big cats, dangerous reptiles are seen at a very close range and one is able to take selfies and enjoy a handshake with the friendly chimpanzees. Visitors also get a chance to see how animals behave, eat, play, and even have a chance to feed them and volunteer for a day under the “behind the scenes” experience.

Sometimes visiting the Uganda Wildlife Education Center is better than going to national parks because of the proximity, less costly and it is ideal for travelers with less time to travel long distances upcountry and of course animals here are close up, accessible yet they have their own large cages where they are fed and allowed to roam freely. When you visit this place, you will go through the forest trail and you will view mammals ranging from lions, giraffes, crocodiles, rhinos, and birds plus butterflies in a relaxed environment.

The Uganda Wildlife Education Center gives you a chance to experience the behind the scene tour, this tour is for only 3 hours and you play with these fascinating animals such as lions, cheetah, leopards, rhinos, baby elephants, giraffes, monkeys, and many others. During this tour, visitors are able to touch, feel, interact and feed the animals. The Uganda wildlife education Centre has daycare options for children, adults, and VIP experience. The children’s grounds are big and have all the toys for children, a nearby beach where you can sit and relax after encountering all the animals in the area.

The Uganda Wildlife Education Center also offers volunteering programs and also opportunities for the children to become zookeepers for the day, only for local travelers but also foreigners though it is relatively expensive compared to a normal visit at the end of the activity, visitors are given a certificate of participation. The money that is collected from visitors, Uganda Wildlife Education center uses to sustain the daily running and feeding of the animals, therefore your visit to Uganda wildlife Education Center will help in the conservation and preservation of these endangered species in this place.

Uganda wildlife Education Center also gives you a chance in case you want to spend a night with the animals, at the center, there are a handful of good and cozy accommodation facilities with incredible restaurants and bars with all kinds of cuisines and liquor that will quench your thirst.