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Uganda’s Heritage

Archaeological sites

Uganda is famous for numerous archaeological sites of both stone and iron ages. These include:

Nyero Rock Paintings Site

The Nyero rock paintings are located in eastern Uganda in Kumi District, 8 km west of Kumi town, about 250 km from the capital city Kampala. The Nyero rock paintings are among the most important rock art in Uganda. Most of it is geometric art with circular, rectangular, sausage, dot and lines making up the basic shapes.

Bigo Bya Mug(y) enyi

Bigo Bya Mugyenyi, locally translated as “The Fort of the Stranger” is believed to be the place inhabited by the Bachwezi (also the Chwezi), who were said to be demigods. The Bachwezi have no clear historical background and up to today, their identity still remains a mystery. According to the legends and local traditions, the Archaeological site was dug out to shelter the Chwezi Empire from intrusions or incursions from other foreigners such as the Luo from South Sudan.

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