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This Village is one of the ignored and unexplored destinations in Uganda yet is one of the most fascinating places to visit while on a safari in Uganda. Spending time with the Bakonzo people on the foothill of the Rwenzori Mountains is one of the interesting things that you can’t afford to miss. These people are considered the keepers of the Mountains and have inhabited the area for Centuries, hence wouldn’t surpass the excitement of spending some precious time with them

This small Village is a short distance away from Queen Elizabeth and Rwenzori Mountains National Park hence you will get to see some of the wildlife on top of experiencing breathtaking cultural encounters, hence making it a perfect place for going off the beaten track. I guess you would wish to visit a place where you just relax and breathe fresh air as you appreciate the sights and sounds that nature offers. This place is Ruboni Village found on the foothill of the Rwenzori Mountains.

While here, you will get the opportunity to experience a typical Ugandan rural life. You will meet the elders of the Village who will narrate about some of the ancient traditions of the bakonzo people, get the chance to taste some of their local cuisines, visit the black smiths who curve metals into different tools including knives and visit the traditional healers among other activities.

Ruboni village also introduces tourists to several hikes in addition to the popular “Ruboni Cultural walk”. One of the exhilarating Hikes includes the 3 days Mahoma trail that takes you to the top of Mountains where you will be marveled by the Mahoma Lake. There are also several accommodation facilities in and near Ruboni Village and they include;

Ruboni Community Camp

This budget camp is one of the Community-based projects meant to benefit the local residents through job creation hence more income for the locals.  This small Camp features three Bandas with 6 rooms, shared bathroom for some rooms while one of them has en-suite bathroom with hot water provided. The food prepared is delicious and is served at the restaurant on-site. You will be amazed by the setting of the Community Camp that offers phenomenal views of the Mountains of the Moon.

Equator Snow Lodge

Equator Snow Lodge is a fabulous luxury Lodge situated near Ruboni Village. Made of stone cottages and a fireplace, this wonderful Lodge is beautifully furnished and allows guests to enjoy the chills of the Rwenzori nights. There is also a restaurant that serves delicious food worth tasting on a safari in Uganda.

While at this village, tourists are guaranteed of enjoying the Ruboni Cultural walk to the surrounding areas so as to spend days hiking within the forest and up the hills. Besides that, you can spend 3 days within the Mahoma trail that leads hikers into the mountains areas up to the 3100 meter above sea level, the spectacular Mahoma Lake as well as to the surrounding hills.

In conclusion, besides hiking the famous Mountains of the Moon, tourists can also visit Ruboni Village to relish one of the most unforgettable cultural encounters offering opportunities of exploring a typical Ugandan life through village walks as well as spend overnights in comfortable accommodation facilities such as Ruboni Community Camp and Equator Snow Lodge.