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The Wild Beauty of Kalagala Falls

The place is full of mystical stories like the spirits tree and the rocks known to the locals as ‘Ssalongo and Nnalongo’. When in Uganda, whether on a business or tour trip, one would never want to miss out on the beautiful Site that has clear white waters… good enough for Rafting, Kayaking, Birding, Nature walks, Sport fishing among others all in one place. Kalagala falls are found in Kalagala village in Kangulumira Sub County in Kayunga district along the Victoria Nile, the island can be reached from the west bank of the Nile, 3km East of Kangulumira town on the quiet runway Kayunga road that loops around Mabira Forest.

The rapids at Kalagala falls in Uganda are considered one of the best in the world attracting both tourists and professional kayakers. While at kalagala falls, you cannot miss out the striking rapids along the entire length of the mighty Nile. Five minutes away from the lake shore, you will hear a roaring strength of the falls, strong and loud they come onto you yet in their thunderous nature, they are a beauty to marvel at.

Kalagala falls are a spending sight and presently the most striking falls on Lake Victoria where the mighty River Nile has its Source. At some point, the Falls are so sweetly ferocious that water will be sprinkling off onto your face. These scenic falls can be glanced from the land or from the beautiful Wild Waters Lodge a comfortable accommodation located literally in the middle of the lake. this gives the visitors that adventurous experience of not just sleeping in the wild due to the fact that it is engulfed in the trees but knowing that as you sail through the night there is a roaring beauty adding to the jungle experience.

Areas of attraction

On reaching the ground, the first thing to take one’s attention is the sound of the falls. This sound can be heard even as far as 400 metres away. Such interesting sound will usher you into the vicinity interesting enough to appreciate what the wonder one would anticipate. Sounds of the falls are punctuated by another soothing sound of the birds as you are passing them heading to the falls. At the site, it just gets more unbelievable looking at the different species of herons, sand birds and the blue headed weavers.

Spirits tree

While at the Island, you will see several trees at the site. However, all of them will be viewed as just normal trees until one of them attracts your close look. This one tree will definitely puzzle you so much that you will need to take a few steps next to it. And this is the famous spirits tree, according to the locals in Kalagala with a backcloth at the entrance. Two spears are seen on the tree entrance with a fire place locally known as ekyoto. This ‘ekyoto’ loosely translated as a fire place is an important cultural place among the Baganda People. Shoes are not allowed in the place, for respect to the spirits.

Rock tunnel

As you enter barefoot, you will view two spectacular rocks referred to as Nnalongo and Ssalongo. After viewing the Nnalongo and Ssalongo, a spectacular experience comes your way out of the place because you have to trek this 4-metre tunnel like structure.

It’s believed that various spirits harbor within this tunnel. Of course, these things were not created there. Someone who is believed to be the ‘supreme’ of the spirits placed them there. So, either as you enter of exit, it’s a must that you part with some money as a fee believed to appease the gods or spirits as they give you luck aka ‘obweza’.

This money is known as ‘amakula.’ It is put in a basket which permanently seats at the entrance and is called ‘ebigali’ in the local language. As you put in the money, you are supposed to ask the gods for anything you want happen in your life. “Whatever you ask for is granted to you in abundance,” says Kasulu, a local dweller.

Rock trail

Before approaching the wonder rocks, a beautiful trail is what you move on with short standing tress on its sides. Since the trail is on a raised terrain, one can be able to have a nice view of wild waters lodge on the other side of the river and small rocks downwards. Done with such experience, the island has got so much that can happen on it in form of activities similar to those on the other side.


The waters on the east bank of the Victoria Nile are great venues for sport fishing. Here you are bound to see people lining up doing this activity just for relaxation at their time convenience.


Kayaking is another sporting activity done here. This takes place along the rapid waterfalls. You can’t just miss this out. People are seen seated in a sharp pointed boat sailing on these rapids. Also, if you are not participating, viewing is among the wonderful experiences. However, this sport is only available to those who are trained with required skills.

White water rafting

This doesn’t differ a lot from the kayaking. Only the boats are large and rafters involved are many because the boats can accommodate about five people and above. Done with the day’s busy survey and sporty activities of the site, you can also spend a night or two here.

It’s just another remarkable Ugandan safari experience being accommodated at Kalagala falls tented camp owned by adrift. Upon leaving, you will indeed have such everlasting memories of Kalagala falls, just engraved deep in your mind.