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Sisiyi waterfalls (not to be mistaken for Sipi waterfalls) are one of the most captivating places to visit in Eastern Uganda. These fascinating waterfalls are found within eastern Uganda, in the Buyaga sub-county of Bulambuli district.  The breathtaking Sisiyi falls are just a short distance (around 40 kilometers East of Mbale Town) along the highway to the districts of Moroto, Sironko, Bulambuli, and Kapchorwa making it a perfect stop while on a safari to Mount Elgon National Park or the Karamoja sub-region (Kidepo Valley National park or Ajai Wildlife Reserve). Apart from only the locals of Bukibologoto Village around the Waterfalls, this destination is not well known as the Sipi waterfalls. Even when someone mentions Sisiyi, you might think the person was trying to say Sipi but made a mistake. When you are approaching the waterfalls, you will be welcomed by a white streak against a verdant hilly background and the roaring sound of the waterfalls.

The Sisiyi waterfalls derived their name from the ever-flowing waters because it is believed that the waterfalls never run in dry weather in the rainy season or during the harsh dry seasons. Therefore anytime you visit the site, you will find the same level of water. The remarkable site sits on only 13 acres of land and is surrounded by a verdant forest.

This waterfall beautifully pours its water at about 100 meters down the high Sisiyi cliff off the Crater Lake on the summit of the magnificent Mount Elgon, emitting a steam-like splatter. Honestly, this is one of the most magnificent waterfalls you can visit while on a safari in Uganda. When you move nearer to it, you can touch and feel it flow through your fingers as they scatter around your face. It will be one of the most unforgettable moments of your Ugandan safaris. When you visit this area, you will enjoy the sights of the verdant plantations of coffee, bananas, and eucalyptus trees that are used for firewood. There are cottages around the waterfalls owned and managed by Doctor Patrick Mutono and his wife constructed an accommodation facility-Sisiyi falls Resort, allowing tourists to have a comfortable sleep while enjoying the waterfalls.

Interestingly, the construction of the cottages was carefully done to improve and conserve the area’s authentic beauty, without thronging it with modernization. It would be interesting to know that the trees still remained tall and natural in the site as well as the beautiful flowers evidently spread to make them blend in as naturally as possible compared to if they were cut and changed completely. The Sisiyi Falls resort was nicknamed “Garden of Eden” and indeed it is a paradise like no other in the region. Uganda is a haven to numerous exquisite tourist Resorts and the Sisiyi Falls Resort is an exceptional one among them providing tourists with a perfect place to marvel at its authentic beauty that allows tourists to relax from the noisy and stressful environment in urban centers. The fascinating activities to enjoy at the waterfalls include nature walks/hiking, bird watching, and Rock climbing to the top of the fall (at 110 meters high).

How to reach the Sisiyi waterfalls

The waterfall is found near Buyaga Trading Center in Bulambuli district (40 kilometers East of Mbale Town). You can hire a boda (charging between Shs 5000 and Shs 10,000) to the Trading Center, and then proceed to the waterfalls.