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Wetland Sanctuaries

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Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary

Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary

Located off the Fortportal-Kamwenge road, 5km south east of Kanyanchu; Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary was established by Kibale Association for Rural Development, to protect the Magombe swamp which harbours a variety of birds, butterflies and primates. The Magombe swamp is 3 Km past the Kibale Forest towards Bigodi

The swamp is rich with a vast array of vegetation among which are tree species such as wild palms, polita figs and wild rubber trees. It also has water lilies, ferns, reeds, flowers and land grass. The dominant vegetation however is the papyrus. Primates such as the Red Tailed Monkey, red colobus, black and white colobus live in the swamp, along with over 135 species of birds, and a large number of butterflies.

Makanaga Wetlands

Makanaga Wetlands located about 60kms from Entebbe is part of the larger Mabamba Wetland System and renown to be among the good places to spot shoebills. It’s best accessed via Kampala–Masaka road, taking the road down from Kamengo trading centre.

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