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Are you a nature lover or bird enthusiast looking to explore some of the beautiful attractions (wildlife and birds) found within one of Uganda’s wonderful wetland system? If yes, then the Sango Bay-Musambwa-Kagera wetland system is one of the must visit sites in the country. This wetland is one of the exceptional mosaic type of wetland situated within the Lake Victoria region and is so far one of the country’s largest swamp forests characterized by vast papyrus swamp while on other parts of the system there are herbaceous swamp spotted with few palm trees.

This wetland system also have grasslands that are seasonally flooded, with some of them being sandy while others are rocky in addition to having forest shores. This wetland also features three verdant rocky Islands that are found at approximately 3 kilometers away from the shores of Lake Victoria to Sango Bay.

Vegetation types around the Sango Bay-Musambwa-Kagera wetland

This wetland system is found at the point where the vegetation transitions from between the usual East and West African type of vegetation zones with biographically organic compound that ensures very rich biodiversity species.  This wetland system is a great source of raw materials for building and handcraft making like water and papyrus that people use when constructing houses, making craft works and many others.

Attractions within the Sango Bay-Musambwa-Kagera wetland

Wildlife Species

This wetland system is a haven to numerous species of globally recognized and endangered animals such as African elephants in addition to primates including vervet monkeys, blue monkeys and black and white colobus monkeys thus making game viewing the most fascinating activity conducted by tourists that visit the famous Sango Bay.

Variety of birdlife

This site supports a big population of aquatic species of birds and according to recent statistics, there are approximately 16.5% of the World’s population of grey-headed Gulls (Larus cirrocephalus) that call the place home. Other bird species at the area include the grey crowned crowns, pelicans, the papyrus gonolek, the papyrus yellow warbler and kingfishers among others.

Tourist activities to enjoy within the Sango Bay-Musambwa-Kagera wetland

Due to the wonderful attractions at the site, the wetland system is known for interesting activities such as game viewing and primate watching, bird watching and nature walks. Tourism is also developed within the Musambwa Island but also the site contains a number of Stone Age artifacts known as the Sangoan industry and is said to date to about 200,000 years ago. If you would love to book a Uganda safari featuring nature tours in the Sango Bay area, why not contact African Jungle Adventures, specialists in jungle safaris!

As compared to other forests, the Sango Bay Forest found within the wetland system has not suffered any serious immediate threats and it’s undeniable that the forest Reserve is a perfect retreat destination for locals living around and tourists as well.