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Nyanz’ibiri Cave Community is one of the riveting communities within Queen Elizabeth National Park that you cannot afford to miss during Uganda safaris. A visit to this community offers tourists with memorable eco-cultural experience that cannot be forgotten easily.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of the most magnificent and frequently visited National Parks in Uganda. It offers numerous wildlife species such as buffaloes, elephants, lions, leopards, spotted hyenas, Uganda Kobs, Topis, Hippos, Crocodiles, Elands, waterbucks, warthogs and many others as well as over 600 species of birds thus making it a nature paradise. These are not the only things to attract you to this medley of wonders but also the riveting cultural experiences that will blow your mind.

Therefore after long game drives to relish the beautiful scenery and wildlife of this spectacular Ugandan paradise, you can stretch your legs at the Nyanz’ibiri Cave Community. You can choose to take a guided nature walk with an experienced local guide to the famous Nyanz’ibiri Cave community whereby you will also get an opportunity to relish the phenomenal views of the volcanic Crater Lakes while enjoying the beautiful sounds of some of the birds, especially the eagles and grey crowned cranes. Additionally, you can paddle a canoe or hike to the Transparent Lake or just decide to smell some of the beautiful flowers thus keeping unforgettable memories of the area.

During this guided walk, tourists also get the once in a lifetime opportunity to spot at least 8 species of primates and encounter unique local scented flowers, an experience that cannot be described in just words.  Several local attractions such as the historical Nyanz’ibiri Cave as well as the cultural Museum will be seen in addition to perfectly conserved Bunyaruguru huts with a number of important traditional artifacts that were tools used in the everyday life during the ancient days.

Part of the proceeds from this Community walk helps in local community development, funding of educational projects as well as the conservation of biodiversity of the surrounding areas. Besides the interesting tourist activities, this site offers three fully furnished private and traditional Bandas constructed with typically local materials as well as a Campsite. Tourists are always invited to visit the restaurant that serves typically local cuisines and the bar for cold drinks (alcoholic including soda and juice as well as non alcoholic especially beer) in addition to relishing an evening traditional dance performance.

In conclusion Cultural encounters are one of the most important tourist activities near Queen Elizabeth National Park and most of the proceeds from the activities and accommodation within Nyanz’ibiri Cave Community goes directly to community development, Conservation and educational projects among others. Therefore, this improves the standard of living of the local community members since they will be able to pay school fees for their children.