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Are you looking for as remote quiet destination for getaways, picnics or weekend chill-out with families and friends? Why not try the Ssese Islands? The Ssese is a general term for 84 separate Islands in Kalangala. Bugala is the largest Island and the frequently visited by visitors. This is the most developed destination where most hotels, lodges and campsites are found.

Ssese Islands are found on the South-west of Lake Victoria form one of the most magnificent destinations that offers off –the- beaten track experience that you will live to remember. The islands are characterised with sandy beaches where you can enjoy a leisurely holiday in Uganda. Frequented by many visitors taking safaris in Uganda interested in relaxing holidays, this is a must visit if you have a weekend in Kampala.

Some of the interesting things that you can engage in while at Ssese Islands include

Chilling and relaxing

No place in Uganda offers the relaxation that you will experience at Ssese Islands. The white sandy beaches, tropical sunshine perfect for sunbathing, the tall luxuriant palm tree lined by the beaches, the cool forests with cool air and the tranquil environment all offers the best relaxation you will wish for.

Boat rides and Sunset cruises

The fact that Ssese Islands are surrounded by the sec0ond largest Lake in the world, boat rides and cruises are undoubtedly a must do activity. There is nothing as relaxing as cruising on the cool waters of Lake Victoria as you enjoy your dinner or drinks. It is like life in Paradise. (Of course many of us always imagine how good life in paradise is). Boat rides range from fishing boat/canoes, sail boats to motorized boats. Visit this Island for a sun-downer cruise to take a boat ride to the Ngamba Chimpanzee sanctuary.

Mountain biking (Quad bike rides)

These islands offer the perfect destination for Quad bike rides  which allow you to explore some of the forests, fishing villages, beaches and even Kalangala town and do some shopping if you so wish.

Beach fires

Beach fires are also important activities conducted within the Ssese Islands and are perfectly done at night where you sit around the fire with friends, as you converse and laugh to take off the stress of the urban areas and work. Some lodges arrange for BBQs at the beach where you roast fish or meat and enjoy cool music. What more would you ask for if you had this fun for a weekend?

Nature walks

Nature walks are inevitable in the Ssese Islands. Nature walks in these Islands involve walking to the fishing villages, community villages and learn a out the people of the Island and how they survive. While on these nature walks, you will visit some of the schools and exchange some few ideas and see how people live simple but happy lives.

Visit to Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

You can take a visit to Ngamba Chimpanzee Sanctuary, the home over 40 orphaned chimpanzees. This place is a perfect place for tourists who do not have the money and time to visit Mountain gorillas in Kibale national Park or Budongo Forest.

Where to Stay While at Ssese Islands

Some of the comfortable accommodation facilities with the Ssese Islands include Brovad Sands Lodge prefect for family outings or honeymoon, Pineapple Bay Resort (on a private Bulago Island) also perfect for honeymoon getaways

How to get to Ssese Islands.

The Ssese islands can only be accessed by Ferry from Entebbe and depart at 2pm and arrives at Lutoboka on Bugala Island by 5pm.  Alternatively, you can take a taxi from Kampala to Masaka where you will get off at Nyendo (about 3kms from Masaka) where you will head to Kalangala

In conclusion, the Ssese Islands is  a destination endowed with beautiful sand beaches, and clear waters perfect for swimming, honey moon vacations, chilling and relaxation. If you are looking for a prefect getaway destination not far away from Kampala, then try out Ssese Islands and you everything it offers will bow your mind.