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How To Avoid Extra Rental Car Fees In Uganda

How To Avoid Extra Rental Car Fees In Uganda


Renting a car in Uganda can be a great way to explore the country’s stunning landscapes and vibrant culture. However, the final price of a rental car can often include hidden charges that significantly increase the cost. To help you avoid these unexpected fees, this article presents six common extra rental fees and how you can avoid them.

Fees for Picking Up a Rental Car at Entebbe Airport

Many car rental companies add an extra fee to cover the cost of transporting the car from their office to the airport. This airport transfer fee typically ranges from $30 to $40, depending on the type of car you book. To avoid this charge, consider renting the car directly from the rental agency’s office. You can easily book a private airport cab for as little as $10, which can save you a substantial amount of money.

GPS Rental Fees

Travelers often prefer self-driving to explore Uganda, requiring a reliable navigation system. While the Global Positioning System (GPS) is highly effective, renting a GPS device can cost an additional $10 to $20 per day. You can avoid this fee by using your smartphone’s Google Maps for directions, which is both a reliable and cost-effective alternative.

Rental Car Damage Fees

Almost all car rental companies in Uganda inspect their vehicles for damages after each rental period. If they find any new damage, you will be charged for the repairs, regardless of whether you caused the damage. To protect yourself from these charges, thoroughly inspect the car and take photos of any existing damage before you drive off. Present these photos to the rental staff to ensure you are not held responsible for pre-existing damages.

Fuel Charges

When renting a car in Uganda, you agree to a specific fuel policy, typically either full-to-full or less fuel. With the full-to-full policy, you take the car with a full tank and must return it with a full tank. The less fuel policy requires you to return the car with the same amount of fuel as when you started the rental. To avoid fines, adhere to the fuel policy you agreed to when you signed the rental agreement.

Extra Rental Day Charges

Car rental agreements typically operate on 24 24-hour basis. For example, if you rent a car at 9 am on Tuesday and return it after 9 am on Thursday, you will be charged for an extra day. Always stick to the agreed rental period. If you need to extend your rental, inform the rental company staff before you pick up the car or well in advance of the return date to avoid additional charges.

Dropping Off the Car Outside Kampala

Most car rental companies in Uganda such as Vehicle Hire Uganda prefer that clients drop off the car at their office, the airport, or another location within Kampala. If you plan to drop off the car outside Kampala, such as in Jinja, Kabale, Kisoro, Gulu, or Arua, you will incur an extra fuel charge to cover the cost of transporting the car back to Kampala. To avoid this fee, try to return the car within Kampala or arrange for a drop-off location that minimizes these additional costs.

By following these tips, you can avoid unexpected fees and enjoy a more cost-effective rental experience in Uganda. Whether you’re planning a self-drive road trip or simply need transportation for your stay, being aware of potential extra charges and how to avoid them will help you save money and enjoy your journey stress-free.

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