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Tips for Uganda Self Drive Tour

Tips for Uganda Self Drive Tour


A Uganda self-drive tour has become the most sought-after adventure options for solo travelers who are interested in the most memorable inspirational holidays. When it comes to self-drive tours in Uganda, Rwanda, we are the best self-drive car rental company to contact. Our self-drive safaris are best enjoy using our classic self-drive rental cars which are available at affordable prices. Being experts in arranging self-drive safaris, in this article, we bring to you some of the important tips to guide while on Uganda self-drive tour.

Drive slowly

Whether you are driving your own car or a rental car in Uganda, it is important to respect the speed limits. Driving slowly doesn’t mean that you are scared but rather it is a perfect way to have clear view of wildlife. The driving speed limit in the parks/reserves isn’t like you are on the highway, keep it within 40kms/hr. At the end of your self-drive trip, you will appreciate what nature offered you. Yes, driving slowly is protected area’s regulation but also of great advantage of you sighting diversity of wildlife in hidden habitats in the park.

Have a good pair of binoculars/cameras

With regulations at hand, going off-road in the park may cost you yet there are interesting creatures to capture and they are far. This is why you need a good pair of binoculars or cameras with good lens to capture pictures of lion, leopards while at far.

Be a good listener

Now that you are in the wild, ensure that music in the car is off and have full attention to what the wild has to offer. It is amazing to listen to different sounds in the wild and it is a crazy environment at that point when you are in the middle of savanna protected area listening to lions as they roar, birds singing or listen to Kobs as they communicate to one another after spotting a predator.

Take a keen interest in the scavengers

The wilderness is crazy and accommodates variety of creatures. Don’t concentrate only specific creatures, bear in mind that scavengers also exist and they can be spotted around after the lion kill. You will notice hyenas, vultures as they fly from point to point.

Be patient

While on self-drive tour, don’t be on a rush. Take your time and have adequate exploration, list and marvel with the wild. Be aware of creatures like leopards that may squirt down once they hear the unusual sound or that of the car. Patience can get you amazing wildlife encounter on your Uganda self-drive tour.

Put off your engine while sighting wildlife

Keeping the noisy car engine can be annoying. Your chances of spotting wildlife become limited because most of them get scared off. Some wildlife species in the parks or reserve behave in a manner that once irritating sound comes out, they walk/run away. To have amazing sight of these creatures, have your self-drive vehicle off engine and lights should also be off. As well, avoid hooting as this can easily scare off most of the wildlife species which might be of your interest while on self-drive tour.

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