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5 Popular Adventurous Activities to Do in Jinja

5 Popular Adventurous Activities to Do in Jinja

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Jinja is the prime industrial area in Uganda but also the capital of adventure in East Africa because of its epic attractions. It is found in Eastern Uganda on Lake Victoria shores Uganda’s largest lake. Jinja was made famous by John Hannington Speke an explorer who discovered Lake Victoria amongst the three expeditions he made in Uganda. Jinja is associated with many falls such as the Samuka falls a birding destination famous for egrets, Bujagali and Owen falls dam spanning at the Nile, and Itanda falls in the north credited for white water rafting. Jinja was chosen to be the industry root in Uganda and overpraised for its adventurous activities.

White water rafting

nile raftingWhite water rafting offers a great boating experience while at the river. A group of people interested in adventuring should not miss out on rafting at the Nile. White water rafting involves paddling down the rivers safely while trying to dodge and pass through rapids with fast-flowing, rough water. Rafting is done on an inflatable boat on crystal clear water of the river and involves teamwork since it’s a group activity.  It gives a boat experience where one enjoys different grades more so the fifth grade which gives enthralling moments. The boat moves slowly and it’s safe for adults and children since they sit on benches and bend their knees. A group of people in need of adventure should not overlook white water rafting because it gives an epic experience.


Kayaking jinjaKayaking is not different from rafting since all are outdoor recreation sports activities. Kayaking is also done on the river’s white water on a boat-shaped in canoe form. It is a one or two people activity at the river and it’s risky because the boat moves at a faster rate. Accidents are high for one kayaker since emergence help could not be available. This activity is best for lonely people who want to feel the blowing winds and the rough water.

Horse riding

horse back riding jinjaA great experience at the horse gives clients a chance to explore the up-close of the Nile river. While traveling on a horse in the Jinja terrains, you will have a glimpse of the fantastic panorama of the river Nile valley and a traditional village. Training is offered during horse briefing and technics are given before the safari on how to control and tame the horse making it take the required directions. Horse riding safari takes 1 -3 hours’ drive and a horse has a minimum carrying capacity which does not exceed 90 kg and normally starts at 10 am-2 pm

Quad biking

The adventure terrain in Jinja offers the best quad biking experience which is worth investing in. if you have not had any chance of Quad biking, no need to worry because Jinja offers the best opportunity. Before the Quad Safari, briefing and training are offered to clients on how to operate and move the Beast bikes from the Hilly side of Jinja.

Children are also given a chance to participate in this activity since the Kids quad is of small size is meant for the youngsters who don’t want to miss out. The ultimate experience is felt from the fascinating ride of racing with friends and enjoying the sight of the village farms and activity with the associated breeze.  The quads are designed for capable riders to pass through muddy areas and potholes.

Launch cruise

This activity offers heartfelt relaxing hours with an experience of the Sea breeze. The stress and fatigue accumulated from other activities are swept away while at the River and a new feeling and freshness rise after a breathtaking moment. The cruise caters to a big number of people and those travelling in a group and is in need of a launch cruise adventure safari are highly welcome.

Mountain biking

Riders who love biking, an opportunity is before you for a mountain biking safari. This activity is much fun, offers an exercise session, and in the process, you get to stretch the body muscles while peddling. You can ride through Jinja upcountry roads taking espy of the village farms, traditional village areas, and the panoramic view of the river Nile valley. While at the Ride you get a chance to encounter the locals and also ride to Jinja town to observe the urban settings. A mountain biking ride to the Mabira forest reserve offers an Ultimate experience of the natural setting which is lived to be narrated.

Sports fishing

For tourists who fish for fun, Lake Victoria in Jinja is an ideal place for sports fishing safari. Carry with your fishing tools like fishing hooks and baits, electric fish finger, GPS, flare life jackets, first aid box, overseas shed, and protective gears such as clothing. This is a full-day experience that requires a lot of patience to catch these aquatic creatures and once it’s caught it’s merged back to water since conservation is our best priority. The fish species caught at the Nile include Nile perch, Tilapia, catfish, yellowfish, and fishing on Lake Victoria is determined by the weather conditions and it’s practiced annually.

Jinja being the adventure capital captures the heart of travellers, discoverers, scientists, researchers to invest in a lifetime experience. Many activities are done on the Nile and the surrounding areas and other fun activities have been suspended for a while such as Bungee jumping because of the new alterations to be put in place on the falls.

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