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4 Reasons to make Uganda your Next Safari Destination

4 Reasons to make Uganda your Next Safari Destination


Uganda is a tropical African country located in the eastern region of the continent. It is one of tourism’s hidden gems with lashing green landscapes embroiled with amazing wild animals and other interesting natural resources. Every year millions of people visit Uganda to experience its tourist attractions and many have been left yearning for more after an Uganda safari. As time goes by Uganda put up different enhancements to attract visitors to encounter her natural beauties and this is why in 2016, Uganda was voted amongst the top ten tourist destinations in Africa by CNN.

Here are some of the reasons why Uganda should be your next safari destination

The price of a single entry tourist visa was decreased to half the price. By the turn of 2016, a tourist visa was put at a price of USD 50 against its previous price of USD 100. This comes with great excitement since it becomes cheaper to visit Uganda and spare some money to take up some other tourism activities other than spending it on just a mere visa.

In addition to the above, Uganda is also part of the East Africa tourist visa. Three east African countries allied to come up with a strategy to allow its tourist to travel freely across borders without much paperwork by coming up with an East African tourist visa and Uganda was among the countries and the rest are Kenya and Rwanda. This document pass costs only USD 100 and a visitor is free to move around the three countries without any paperwork and monetary costs. The visitor can acquire an East African tourist visa from different terminal entries of Uganda Kenya and Rwanda that is the airport, seaport, and borders.

All the big five African animals can be seen in Uganda namely lions, elephants, buffalos, rhinos, and leopards. It is every tourist’s dream to encounter the big five animals on a safari and Uganda is one of those few places in the world where a traveler can see the big five animals in its different national parks.  The most popular national parks for the big five animals are Queen Elizabeth national park in the west of Uganda, Murchison Falls National Park in the north, and Kidepo National Park in the Northeast. On a game drive in one of these parks, a visitor has a chance of seeing these amazing animals marauding in the savannah plains.  Note that the rhinos can only be seen at Zziwa rhino sanctuary en route to Murchison falls National Park. Uganda is one of the best places in Africa to experience the big five animals.

Uganda is one of the only three countries where a traveler can see the mountain gorillas. Mountain gorillas are one of the most sought-after animals in the tourism world due to their unique social character that is almost similar to that of mankind. These amazing animals are one of the closest cousins of man in the animal kingdom. Meeting the mountain gorillas in their natural setting is the closest man can come close to wild animals with only a 7-meter distance. A gorilla tour safari is a lifetime trip that beats all trips one can ever take.

With all the above reasons, I see no reason as to why travelers should not be coming to Uganda on his/her safari vacation. The attractions in Uganda can be experienced on your own without a guide. There are self-drive safaris up for grabs online. The only thing one has to do is to pay for 4×4 Uganda car hire from a travel company and then the rest of the travel items are taken care of by yourself. The self-drive expeditions are very exciting adventurous and give the traveler the freedom and independence he/she needs on the trip.

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