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Breathtaking Road Trip to South Western Uganda

Breathtaking Road Trip to South Western Uganda

Uganda Roads ,

I will never forget my road trip in Uganda! The southwestern part of Uganda indeed it’s a breathtaking moment in life very difficult to forget. On my way to the south of the country, it become very clear immediately that this country lives up to its name ‘’ the pearl of Africa’’. Since Uganda is the pearl of Africa, the south western part of Uganda is the source of attraction. The hills of the Kigezi region lie in sequences, row, and ever hazier silhouettes as far as the eye can see. To road to the south western part of Uganda is well constructed tarmacked all through, however a few roads branching to the leading tourism attractions are marram although passable.

The road takes you to the soft curves, climbing and descending, every now and then switching back on its self. This part stretches from what is invented to be a small district to a widespread adventure, and the slow pace dictated by the landscape enables the visitor to notice points of interest around every corner. The journey is very attractive due to very many attractions on the way, we stopped at the equator crossing at Kayabwe for snacks and photography, also at drum making area, we admired how artists Ugandans are, and we bought some of the locally made items, continuing to Lake Mburo national park for wildlife viewing. Game drive at the park is very superb as we were fortunate to view various species of antelopes including Impala, Giant forest hogs, herds of buffaloes and elephant, warthogs, zebra, giraffe just to mention but a few and many species of birds, while hippos and crocodiles and many other games where spotted during the three hours we spent on the boat.

We continued with the tidily-terraced hillsides provides hints of the beauty of contrasting landscapes. On the hand, there is the naturally messy greenery of dense tropical forests and on the other, thousands upon thousands of cultivated plots, marching in strict order up and down the steep hillsides on and on its really fantastic and memorable. The impenetrable forest of Bwindi national park is without no doubt the most memorable wildlife experience in the world. Tracking the remaining mountain gorillas was the highlight of our safari to this part of the country. We climbed through the shady bamboo forest to the habitat of a group of habituated gorillas.

We joined other trekkers and we made a group of eight members who are allowed to track per gorilla family. We tracked in Ruhija gorilla family for about 4 hours until when we landed on our cousins; we stayed with them for only one hour. It’s really one amazing adventure that thousands of tourists enjoy doing each year either in Uganda or Rwanda. The hiking experience is accessible to even relatively unfit visitors, as there is a variety of trails from man-made gentle nature walks through the rain forest. The park also offers great amazing species of birds so bird watching is a great experience at the park. The view of the colorful birds gives you a reason to want to look at them over and over again. Indeed the south western part of Uganda is a source of attraction.

Among all these, I won’t forget also the Africa’s deepest lake, Lake Bunyonyo enclosed by mountains which is great scenery. It was named Lake Bunyonyi because of the very many small birds that inhabit the lake. Relaxing at the lake with cool breeze and the hospitable farmers around the islands of Lake Bunyonyi keeps the place always busy. We enjoyed canoe riding and spotted very many species of birds. A safari to this part of Uganda is ever on my mind am planning to come back again.

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