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Visit Uganda The Answer To Your Tourist Needs

Visit Uganda The Answer To Your Tourist Needs


Found in East Africa, Uganda is one of the best destinations one can visit on this planet. Also termed as “the pearl of Africa”, this country harbors a wide range of different tourism fraternities including those that can’t be found elsewhere in the world. From its unending beauty of nature, it has been able to gain popularity and favor in the hearts of nature lovers making it the most preferred destination in Africa. Some people especially those that have ever visited Uganda find it the best place to visit for the second time and even for more than that. Currently, Uganda hosts the highest number of visitors in East Africa and credit goes to its hard-to-find natural wonders.

Although landlocked, this pearl of Africa has all the necessary grounds to sustain itself economically and tourism is one of the key sectors that contribute greatly to its national Budget. Actually last year, the country derived over 15% of the national income from tourism meaning that the sector plays an important role in the national development. The big question is that how does this happens and why is Uganda’s tourism growing faster compared to that of its neighbors. The answer to that is simple and relates to the hard-to-find natural wonders which keep on attracting people from different parts of the world.

One of the things that have made Uganda become what it is today in Tourism is the presence of the rare mountain gorillas. With only three countries in the world blessed to harbor these rare species, Uganda is one of those lucky few and actually it has the biggest percentage in total. It is estimated that Uganda harbors over 450 mountain gorillas which is 50% of the world’s total number of these primates (900 gorillas). This puts Uganda in the best position to host trek lovers with guaranteed exposure to the world’s most endangered species in their natural homes. Gorilla tracking in Uganda now attracts the highest number of visitors and it plays a big role in marketing the country’s tourism in general. Many trackers as they visit the country get surprised by what they see especially when they transverse through the thick tropical rainforests where gorillas live. Some of them end up asking to do more activities that were initially not included in their itineraries due to their love to see more of what Uganda has to offer. As they get back to their home countries, they spread the gospel about the tourism beauty of this great African country which persuades other people to come and experience it too.

Apart from gorilla trekking, there are other interesting activities that make Uganda so unique to an extent of being regarded as the best travel destination. Wildlife safaris to some of the countries National Parks like Queen Elizabeth National Park and Kidepo Valley NP have increased. The presence of different wild animals including the big five has continuously attracted people from different countries who come specifically to look at some of the rare wild animals which can’t be found in other countries. A game that drives through well-reserved places for wildlife viewing is a thrilling adventure worth the cost.

Interesting adventures one can enjoy on an Uganda safari cannot be exhausted because they are numerous. Some of them include; cultural tours, chimpanzee trekking, white water rafting, bird watching, city tours, hiking, boat rides, and many more. A combination of two or more of the above would be a good idea for those interested in a really amazing trip to Africa which is both less costly and enchanting.

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