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5 popular lodges in Murchison falls national park for Self-Guided Tour

5 popular lodges in Murchison falls national park for Self-Guided Tour

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Murchison falls national park is the largest protected area in Uganda sitting on the shores of Lake Albert. It is found in the north of the pearl of Africa. The park’s name was derived from the famous Murchison falls also referred to as the devil’s cauldron found at the centre of the park. It gets fascinating while at the top of the falls as you observe the violent water squeeze through a narrow gorge of 45m forming a beautiful rainbow as well get drenched by the misty splashing water drops in the surrounding. Wonders never end; you get to take a clear glance at the distant magical Uhuru Falls.

Everything at Murchison Falls makes extreme astonishments for example the boat cruise at the bottom Nile which is great exposure to the aquatic life and sea breeze experience. Worry hits everyone’s face when they come to think of accommodation which is part of travel. We come to guide you on the best, recommended, cosy, spacious, relaxing, and convenient accommodation that will overwhelm you after spending a night or more at this place which offers the best services of a 5-star hotel.

Travelling on your own is sweet but the problem comes in choosing the best accommodation for a night’s rest. The good sleep you get throughout the night calls in for the best next day. I come to guide you on which popular lodges to use while on a Uganda self drive tour in Murchison falls national park.

Paara safari lodge

Paara safari lodge is found at the park’s northern bank offering easy access to the active game tracks. Everyone’s dream is to sleep in comfort after a long trip and that’s what Paara safari lodge provides to its visitors. It’s extremely the most sought luxury lodge in Murchison Falls with the best nature views. Great history is said about Paara safari lodge having hosted Sir Samuel Baker in the late years and its swimming pool appeared in one of the famous films.

The rooms are vast and cosy, and offer a conducive welcoming safari atmosphere to clients who visit the park. Come and spend dreamful nights in the warm well-laid beds, and swim in the pool to get rid of the fatigue got from the long day. The artefacts and room designs are attractive and mind-settling to stressed-out and depressed clients. For the best lodge services, Paara Safari is ranked the best among the rest.

Bakers lodge 

For beauty and natural fashion design, nothing beats Baker’s lodge in the famous Murchison falls national park. Bakers lodge is positioned at the south bank of the great Nile River and traversed by the mighty Murchison falls. The lodge is naturally furnished with wooded stylish touch blended with stone designs that bring calmness after check-in. It is positioned in a greenery environment that harbours a variety of bird species, wildlife creatures and numerous primate species.

This luxury lodge offers splendid services to its visitors right from the cool breeze to fine dining with delicious cuisines. Get rid of the long drive fatigue from the magical bath suit from a solar power heated up running water and then dive in warm linens at the solid wood furniture. The lodge also arranges activities around the park and these include a boat cruise, game drives, nature walks, birding, and many others. Spend a night in one of Uganda’s fabulous natural furnished lodges.

 Nile safari lodge

Nile safari lodge is elevated from the mighty River Nile offering guests a great view of wildlife species at the shores quenching their thirst at the lively running water. Feel the untouched beauty of the surrounding. Nile safari lodge was established in 1993 by Zahid Olam and is currently under NOVAM limited. The lodge is found close to the river bank and it’s believed to be the first tented lodge in Murchison falls national park. The magical lodge is constructed using eucalyptus poles and thatched grass offering a combination of comfort and simplicity. The lodge comprises eight bandas in total with 6 bandas standard bandas, one exclusive honeymoon bandas and one family bandas which are welcoming and offers a great platform for relaxation, getting rid of fatigue and entangling with nature.

Murchison River lodge

 It is a midrange accommodation located at the southern banks of River Nile facing Murchison falls national park Uganda’s largest park. The lodge offers the best services ranging from the active staff, locally made delicious cuisines from the restaurant, well-stocked bars, a swimming pool and a children’s playground. The rooms are well furnished and reach the standards of any guest. The lodge offers a great view of the Nile River flowing through the papyrus islands and a view of the hippos and other wildlife species at the shores.

Budongo Eco Lodge

It is located in the heart of Budongo forest reserve in Murchison falls national park. Budongo Eco Lodge is also referred to as Kaniyo Pabidi Ecotourism site with a visitor’s centre, four big dormitories and comfortable eco-cabins. The lodge consists of an on-site restaurant, free parking, a lounge and a bar. A night at Budongo eco-lodge will create stunning memories worth keeping.

The Safari lodge you choose determines the success rate of your self-guided tour. Look out for the best accommodations and make early bookings for a magnificent safari in the pearl of Africa. A good rental car in Uganda should come in handy preferably a four-wheel drive one.

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