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5 Reasons Why Booking Uganda Car Rental Online is Cheaper

5 Reasons Why Booking Uganda Car Rental Online is Cheaper


If you are visiting Uganda for a vacation/ holiday, the first thing you need to sort out is a ride/ drive. Given the improved road infrastructure and harsh weather conditions, driving a car is the only quick way to get around in Uganda, be it for running errands or to get to places of interest.

While many prefer buying their own cars, it isn’t a great idea unless you’re settling in Uganda on a long-term basis. More and more people today are discovering the positives of renting a car in Uganda. It’s better to rent a car in Uganda than to own one if you don’t want the overheads. If you are not planning to stay in Uganda for long, we strongly recommend that you sign up for a good service rental car company in Uganda for the period of your stay. This is where car Rental Uganda comes in to help.

Most people in the region always go with a nice luxury car rental during their stay as it’s much more affordable here than in their own countries.

Here are five reasons why renting a car is always cheaper in Uganda

1. Public Transport is either too expensive or too slow
While taxis are convenient, they do burn a hole in your pocket if you need to zip around a lot. No matter how little a distance you cover, you would be charged with the initial fixed cost as a minimum. And if you happen to travel a large distance, a single ride would cost you as much as renting a high-technology car for the entire day.

2. Buying a car isn’t always the right decision
Owning a car bogs you down with monthly Car loans are not something you can get rid of and not something you want when you don’t need that car. Say you grew tired of that car or it met with an accident that the warranty wouldn’t fix for good. In times like this, the resale value of that car won’t even be enough to pay back the rest of your loan amount.

3. You have the freedom to drive anywhere you want
With a rental car, you can get around to the place of your choice without any issues. Traveling to a distant place via public transport is impossible and more or less illogical. Even if you’ve agreed to shell out the cost of the taxi ride, you might not be able to find a ride back without the extra charge of booking it via the phone i.e. if they can reach you at all. If you live anywhere far from the main town or city, having a car you can drive yourself is quite essential.

4. No more overhead costs and parking woes when you leave
If you own a car, it is your responsibility to cover all maintenance and the costs of registration, insurance, among other things. If you live in Uganda and travel abroad often, you’d be paying way more just to have your car parked in the lot. While renting a car online allows you to get the car delivered to you at the airport terminal as you arrive and picked up aligned with your departure time.

The cost of maintaining a car after a year or so is extensive. While if you have a rental car, the rental car company worries about the wear and tear of the car. They regularly get the car serviced and keep the paperwork such as insurance in check. All you do is pay the monthly cost of the rental and drive stress-free.

5. you can drive a dream car you can not buy
You definitely want to gift your loved one a ride of that dream machine s/he is always talking about. Don’t even think of buying a car like that for you can rent it – no strings attached. A leisure drive of that to National parks can do. You don’t need to wait all your life to save up money to feel the ride of luxurious cars. Not anymore. All it takes is a driving license for visitors -more details and you can hire as much as a beautiful sports rental car from car Rental Uganda.

For those that don’t want to drive, there’s always the chauffeur-driven option. You can hire a luxury car, Make a spectacular entrance and create an impression wherever you go. For more information on car rental and renting amazing cars, please contact car Rental Uganda.

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