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A Look At Online Car Rentals & Agreements in Uganda

A Look At Online Car Rentals & Agreements in Uganda

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One of the top popular reasons for most companies dealing in Car Hire in Uganda is to provide dependable transportation for vacationists and Safari goers, frequent travelers, or anyone who is in need of a temporary vehicle.

Among the most popular local-based car rental agencies include Car Rental Uganda, Car Hire Uganda, Drive Uganda, Uganda Self drive, Kampala Car Rentals among others. As expected, in exchange for a fee, these companies can rent to you the automobile of your choice on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Their cars range from Family, business, luxury, trucks, minibusses to Safari Vehicles.

The Cars
However, the Safari Vehicles such as Toyota Land Cruisers, Rav4s, and Safari Vans are always in high demand since most Car Rental agencies mostly get clients from Europe, the United States of America, and Asia. A few locals are informed of this business.

Since Uganda is a very free country, most f the locals that have knowledge about it consider the details under the agreements for one to be hired a car, unbearable. They consider using local brokers that offer the same services locally downtown.

The cars rented come with different prices depending on which type of the car you want and the extras such as camping gear, GPS devices, child seats, chauffeur services among others. The rentals start from as low as $30 per day to as much as more than $250.

These carry from 3 to 28 passengers depending on the type of vehicle.

Booking the Car
In case you want to hire a car from these companies, you have to write to them in advance. You just have to go to their website and contact them always via the contact us page. Make sure that you include all the details of the car you want, the starting and ending dates, flight details if you are sure about them among others. Within a few minutes, you will be with a response from staff in charge of reservations of the company you contacted. You can also query them for any problem or advice regarding Car Rental.

Age of the Cars
Most of the cars offered by these companies on a safari can sound old considering their age (year of make) but are always in good condition. Most of them range from models between 1994 to 2002. Such models are considered since their ‘bodies’ can adapt to most climatic and physical interference. They are superb on Ugandan roads that are not in so many conducive conditions mostly in the parks. You can read more about Making reservations and other Uganda car rental frequently asked questions here.
The Agreements
When considering self-drive rental cars, it is important to know the details in the agreement. Upon the car delivery, the car rental agency will provide two copies of the written/ printed agreement, which must be signed and dated by the customer. One copy is for you and the other retained by the company. Here are the major highlights of these agreements.

One of the most important considerations between these car rental companies and their clients in the agreements aside from the type of vehicle being rented is the insurance coverage. Insurance policies regarding these car rentals sometimes confuse clients.

Even though a certain company can have its own insurance policies, there are some that are similar to others’ including the following;

Most of these vehicles are comprehensively insured but this doesn’t mean that one has to drive carelessly since there are a number of fines underlined in the agreements out of reckless driving. For example, if a client overturns the car, he/ she is liable to pay $1000 and cover the expense for towing services. So you have to take care while driving.

The insurance only covers the vehicle not the clients or any person in it. So it is advisable to always consider your home country’s life insurance policies for this in case of accidents or anything else.

So, it is advisable to first read through the rental terms and policies before confirming your booking.
Damages & Fines
While on the road, anything can happen. From the slightest fender bender to a scratched door or even worse. Any damages caused to the car beyond the agreed limit time for driving are liable to the clients since they aren’t covered by the insurance. If the driver of the rented car causes damage to it and is found intoxicated or under alcohol influence, he is liable for a penalty and covering all the fines.

Police fine out of reckless driving and not abiding by traffic rules and regulations are all tied to the clients.

However, if you get fined because of road abnormalities on the car such as worn-out tyres, dead headlamps, cracked windscreens are meant to be compensated by the company.

In case a client finds a problem in the car; it has failed to start, move, blown tires, etc. you have to contact the company first to report the problem with the car. Here, a company can intervene with their mechanics around the area or outsource for you anyone else to sort you out of the mess.

You do not have to pay him, in case you want to, do it after confirming with the company staff.
Sometimes, outsourced mechanics tend to hype repair prices on clients thinking they have a lot to offer.

Any price you spend on the vehicle repair is refundable but after getting orders from the company staff to do so. In case you pay for something without informing the company, it will be hard for them to refund your money.

According to the payment policies of most companies, rental fees must be fully settled on the day of the start of the rental. This can be done either by cash or via a credit card. Paying by a credit card calls in for an extra charge of 3.5% of the rental fees to be paid as transaction charges.

However, most companies currently need a payment deposit on the Car of the rental because of a number of reasons; the top being double booking by clients from different companies that bring in confusion on the day of delivery. Sometimes these companies outsource cars mostly during busy seasons but when you disappoint them after investing in some money to deliver the car to you, it sounds unfair.

The deposits range from 10% to 30% depending on which company you used. Some clients find issues in trusting these companies but most of them are registered under the Uganda Registration Services Bureau. So, you just have to feel comfortable and wait for your rental

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