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Travel Documents Required For Self Drive Road Trip In Uganda

Travel Documents Required For Self Drive Road Trip In Uganda


Uganda’s roads have been improved lately, and on an East African scale, the country’s roads are generally in good condition. The roads from Kampala to the far East in Busia through Jinja, Mbale, and Soroti, southwest to Kisoro, south to Entebbe, and Northwest to Kayunga through Gayaza, Uganda simply has an improved road network.

Countless travelers hit the pearl of Africa to explore the beauty that nature has blessed the country with. The green lush so beautiful, traversed with various rivers flowing into breathtaking lakes, people so kind and hospitable, worldwide most sought wildlife species including the mountain gorillas, tree-climbing lions, golden monkeys, and so many others.

Regularly, travelers on Uganda safaris prefer self-driven trips through the pearl of Africa. Probably because they are more convenient, the tourist has all the flexibility without moving on the pressure of the tour guide.

With the increased number of car rental Uganda companies, self-drives are very possible. The only challenge would be driving on Uganda roads, catching up with the needed documents and requirements, meanings of road signs, and many others. However, below is a list of the travel documents that are very basic for a self-drive road trip in Uganda.

It is a must that all travelers on self-drive safaris move with their visas. It is way safer if any tourist driving through the beauty that lies within Uganda, to move with a visa. An Uganda visa can be got from the Uganda missions abroad or at any arrival or entry points to the country at a cost of just 50 USD. Moving with a visa simply indicates that you are not in the country by default, but rather accepted to be in Uganda.

A viable passport. The fact that most tourists are foreigners who don’t have national identity cards, that can identify them, it is then advisable for any traveler on a self-drive safari in Uganda to move with his viable passport. Note that the passport should be valid, it is one travel document that is simple enough for the immigration officers.

Driving license. Just like all other countries, one needs a driving permit in order to safely drive on Uganda roads. This is a legal document that allows and proves that you are now a good driver who is eligible to drive on the beautiful road network of Uganda. It might not be necessarily a Ugandan driving license, even if it’s a travelers’ permit, it can still work out.

Travel maps. This is one thing that is always ignored by most travelers yet it is very important. Travelers on self-drive safaris drive to strange areas they have no knowledge about, so the best directions they could get is from a travel map, to be able to reach out to different destinations of their desire.

If you ever book an Uganda self drive safari, so much consider the above travel documents. They are very essential that it’s only with them that a tourist can safely drive through Uganda.

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