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Why You Need To Go On A Self Drive Safari In Uganda

Why You Need To Go On A Self Drive Safari In Uganda

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When it comes to safaris in Africa, most visitors are attracted to guided tours. Whereas others may opt for guided safaris, taking a self-drive tour to Uganda’s most magnificent protected areas or any other attraction in the country is exceptionally the most adventurous experience that you shouldn’t miss while on vacation in Uganda. A self-drive is entirely meant for you and there are various reasons why you need to take up this tremendous safari in Uganda;

Firstly, flexibility
Unlike guided tours, with self-drive safaris, a visitor does anything at his or her own pace. You are free to make a stopover at areas of interest and at your own time. Usually, visitors can also camp within the cars or utilize the camping equipment offered by the car Hire Company. And most importantly, you can get a site to camp in any of the national parks or game reserves of your interest.

Pocket friendly
Car hire for self-drives in Uganda are affordable for instance the four-by-four campers or roof tent can be used as your accommodation and transport providing more value at a much less cost. The cost for self-drive cars in our car rentals is within the visitor’s pocket range and interestingly, a visitor can opt for an ordinary four-by-four car without necessarily undertaking camping choice.

Unlimited travel
Our car hire for self-drive in Uganda has unlimited mileage terms and this means that a visitor can transverse to any place of their choice at any time. As well, visitors on self-drive safaris in Uganda can reach all places and some of the exceptional campsites which can only be reached using a four by four car. Note that most tourist attractions in African, Uganda inclusive are found in the remotest areas and this means that you will be on bumpy roads to reach the attraction. Given the nature of roads that link up to Uganda’s attractions, a four by four self-drive car is worth hiring for your trips.

They offer the best game viewing experiences
Most of our safari cars for self-drive tours have a pop up that offers visitors the opportunity to catch a glimpse of most wildlife species, especially in the savanna national parks in Uganda like Murchison Falls National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, and many others. As well, the heights of these cars also help visitors enhance their visibility while on a game drive and photo taking.

Sounds of the bush
The roof tent offers safety to you and the canvas as well won’t block the sounds. It is indeed out in the bush and this is an experience worth partaking while on safari in Uganda.

Close interactions
With self-drive cars, visitors get the opportunity to share a campsite with the pride of Lions in most of the unfenced campsites in the country. Imagine the experience that comes from this tremendous interaction.

Our self-drive vehicles offer visitors that whole sum comfort anyone wants to have while on safari in Africa’s wilderness national parks. This means that they are not just better and reliable but also offer comfort while knowing that our Car Rental Company is really reached and has enough experience when it comes to car hire services in Uganda and East Africa at large.

Absolute getaway
With self drive safaris in Uganda, visitors have a chance to rest, relax the mind and have a chill out with their dear ones as they enjoy the tranquility of natural wonders in the destination of their choice.

In conclusion, self-drive safaris in Uganda have become the most sought-after experience by most visitors today. It is worth partaking in this kind of experience as it allows you to explore attractions within your own pace and without anyone pressurizing you. Enjoy your self drive with our varied of remarkable and suitable self drive cars.

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