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4 Best Nature Photography Destinations in Uganda

4 Best Nature Photography Destinations in Uganda


Uganda has some of the best nature photography destinations, in simple terms, it is a photographer’s paradise. Most travelers fly to Uganda to trek the rare mountain gorillas in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and these parks are some of the best nature photography destinations in Uganda.

Uganda offers a number of opportunities such as wildlife and nature photography, the pearl of Africa has vast raw wilderness that sums up what a true African wilderness looks like. From Kidepo Valley National Park to the islands of Lake Victoria, to the source of the Nile in Jinja which erects Murchison falls the strongest waterfall in the world, to the East Africa rift valley, to the glaciated peaks of Rwenzori Mountain National Park, to the southwestern lakes like Lake Bunyonyi to the rain forest of Mgahinga Gorilla National Park to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

Travelers who visit Uganda will not only take pics of nature but also wildlife including over 1500 bird species, butterflies, and insects. Therefore travelers should pack their essential items like cameras and come also with great expectations to have the best photography.

1. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park
This forest is home to half of the world’s population of the rare mountain gorilla and it is the best gorilla safari destination in the world. The gorilla families in Bwindi provide ample opportunities for wildlife enthusiasts to trek and photograph them (mountain gorillas). In this same park, travelers can also experience gorilla habituation where visitors spend four hours encountering gorillas in the jungle.

2. Murchison falls national park
Get a chance to sight Murchison falls the strongest waterfall in the world which crushes through a narrow cliff. The guests in the park take a boat cruise to the bottom of the waterfalls and sight the devil’s cauldron along with sightings of hippos, water birds, crocodiles. The morning game drives that are experienced in the park from different tracks offer the best chance to spot lions, leopards, African elephants, antelopes, and many other animals. All these offer travelers a great chance to capture all moments on their cameras.

3. Queen Elizabeth National Park
This is the only park in Uganda with the famous tree-climbing lions which are found in the Ishasha Wilderness Sector of the park. It stands out among other east African rift valley national parks and it shelters a number of wildlife and bird species. This park offers panoramic views of Kazinga channel the home to over 3000 hippos and numerous explosion crater lakes with crystal clear waters surrounded by green forests, rolling grassland plains and hills are a photographer’s dream. The hikes in Queen Elizabeth national park offer visitors breathtaking views of tea plantations, several craters, and glaciated mountains of the moon.

4. Kidepo Valley National Park
This is Uganda’s most isolated national park, however, the travelers that make a journey through the regions of Karamoja agree that this park is undoubtedly the most magnificent. This park is considered to as the best semi-desert savanna park for nature photography. It accommodates 77 mammals and over 400 bird species, and the guests that step into this park get a chance to photograph wilderness beauty and animals of Kidepo valley national park. Kidepo Valley National Park is in the Karamoja region northeastern tip of Uganda at the border of Uganda and South Sudan and it takes only 10 hours journey drive from Kampala. Even though the park seems to be far, however, the journey is worth, because it offers excellent bird watching, the best game drives, and many others. Explore these best nature photography spots in Uganda, you will not regret them.

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