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The Source of the Nile to be Developed into Tourism Site

The Source of the Nile to be Developed into Tourism Site


The Source of the Nile is one of the unique treasures of Uganda. Located in Eastern Uganda, plans are underway to develop this heritage site into one of the best places to visit in Uganda. This was rrevelaed by Matia Kasaija, Uganda’s Minsiter of Finance.

Speaking about achievements and expectations in the sector, Kasaija said that there is need to harness tourism, which is an income earner for the country. It’s known that there is need to connect tourism since it’s an income earner for the country. This will bring about the achievements and the expectations in the sector. Uganda will be marketed and promoted as a world class tourist destination, with the source of the Nile to be developed into Tourism site.

There is also a need to improve this generating cash machine. In addition to the tourism infrastructure development, Uganda is to be marketed and promoted as a world class tourist destination. The source of the Nile will also be marketed into a tourism site. This will also complement Uganda Wildlife Authority Acquisition of three speed boats, the five buses and the development of tourism facilities including the shopping areas and restaurants.

In addition, the Uganda Hotel and Tourism Training institute and the Uganda Wildlife Research and Tourism Institute will be rebuild and equipped to build the hospitality skills. The international tourist standards will also be improved with the continued certification of the hotels and restaurants. There are over 61 hotels that have been star rated in Uganda.

There is also a note that tourism has developed rapidly and Uganda is ranked as the fourth world’s best tourist destination including the best in Africa by the Rough Guides last year. The tourist arrivals to Uganda have more than doubled to over 1.3 million people in 2015 and increased from 540,000 in 2006. Tourism as a sector also employs 1.2 million people indirectly and directly. Uganda is also targeting tourist arrivals to increase to 4 million visitors per year, and the tourism earnings from USD 1.35 billion today to USD 2.7 billion by 2020. This will also bring about jobs for Ugandans.

When the source of the Nile is improved, there will be an improvement in this tourist destination since this will bring about many tourists who will be interested in visiting the source of the Nile. The main plan here is to expand the area so that more adventure activities like quad biking can be enjoyed along the shores of the water as well as cycling.

The Source of the Nile is a great place to visit while on a safari in Uganda. There are lots of things to do in Jinja. The other tourist activities that can enjoyed at the source of the Nile also include; both evening and afternoon boat cruise, the sun set cruises, canoe riding, swimming, quad biking, speed boat riding , relaxing, and enjoying the shores of the source waters. By improving the source of the Nile, Jinja will automatically become a preferred tourism destination.

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