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Best Time to Take a Road Trip in Uganda

Best Time to Take a Road Trip in Uganda

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Uganda is a bio-diverse country, that’s why it was named by Churchill as the pearl of Africa. Despite the diversity, it has two seasons i.e. wet season and the dry season that is experienced throughout the entire year. However, guide and road trips in Uganda are conducted throughout the year with no regard in terms of seasons but what makes it to give a different adventure experience is the time that one takes to have the trip, it can either be during the dry season or wet season.

Despite most attractions in Uganda being enjoyed by visitors year in and year out, there are still some times where the visitor can get the best out of the road trip, this is normally considered in terms of months/seasons and also the location of the attraction/ destination which the visitor is interested in.

Uganda’s dry seasons are from the months of December/January through to the month of March and from June through to September. These months are the dry ones which are popular and famous for safaris, then the months of July and August and the festive season of Christmas and new year are the seasons where the number is high but it doesn’t affect tourist activities because the country also regulates mass tourism.

The months of June to August are best because the weather is perfect with a little amount of rain and also tourists are much hence much attention is put towards every visitor and thus experiencing the first-class service during the Safari.

In regards to destinations, the months of January and February and from June to September are the best for gorilla trekking despite of the activity being regarded as a year-round activity. This is to help gorilla lovers to know when to go for the easiest trekking conditions.

For wildlife or game viewing in the best of the savannah it should be at the end of the dry seasons, that is, from the month of February and March and September/ early October when the wildlife is mostly concentrated around water sources.

However, bird watching is throughout the year with the peak between November and April when migrant species are present.

However, the weather is not a reason for one to avoid traveling during the wet season because even in this season it is easy to spot animals during game drives and boat trips, it also doesn’t mean that it rains all day nor every day. Usually, tropical showers fall at night and shorter showers are common during the day but Uganda is a trusted country especially after rain.

The remarkable aspect about Uganda road trips is that whether the trip is during the dry or wet season, you will never be disappointed and you will have the best safari experience.

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