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Best Cars to Hire in Uganda

Best Cars to Hire in Uganda


Car rentals in Uganda are currently one of the most sought after travel services by travelers. Usually, we get puzzled up while planning our safaris and at the end, we fail to fulfill our dreams. Do you need to rent a car for a safari in Uganda? Well, it is a high time you achieved your dreams in Africa. There are many affordable, reliable and authorized car rental services in Uganda that will help you get that comfortable car for your safari needs. Check out for a range of car hire agencies in Uganda and the rest of things will be for you to make the best choice that suits your travel needs. Our services range from 4 by 4 cars, Saloon cars up to Mini bus as well as Coaster Vans. Acquiring one for your safari in Uganda will reward you with a life time experiences. All our car rentals are well suited to transverse through Uganda’s bumpy roads. Basically, you only need to contact us and hire a car of your choice that will match with travel itinerary and budget. We mind about the global economic situation today that is why our prices may also include the insurance and any local taxes on unlimited mileage. Simply hit on our online reservation box and within 2 minutes time you will be sorted.

Below is a list of comfortable and famous cars that you can rent to help you enjoy the most exciting travel experiences in life.

Toyota Prado:

Preferably, this is one of the most famous 4 by 4 cars that you can rent for a safari in Uganda. Travelers who intend to take self drive safaris in Uganda’s remotest national parks or any corner in Uganda, a Toyota Prado is undoubtedly the best option for you to achieve your dreams. Toyota Prado car comes in the following types; the Prado TX, UG and 3 Liter Turbo. It accommodates about 5 persons and this includes the driver as well. You can hire a Toyota Prado in Uganda at a relatively cheaper cost. It is also spacious enough to accommodate travelers’ property and camping gear. It is preferably the best to get you through Uganda’s dusty roads that you will encounter while you are heading to enjoy Uganda’s remarkable wildlife in national parks like Kidepo Valley National Park, Murchison Falls National Park and many others. Most interestingly, some of these incredible cars have a pop up roof which will get you a better glimpse of Uganda’s most spectacular wildlife and definitely you will have the best photo taking position.

Toyota RAV4:

This is another perfect car to get you the best self drive tours, city safaris, picnic holidays and events in Uganda. They come in both manual and automatic transmission with about 3 or 5 doors. The engine is 1990cc with tremendous atmospheres despite the weather conditions. It is less demanding in terms of maintenance and fueling. It is rear seats can also be folded down and you will have space to put many things. This type of car is only convenient for 2 travelers despite the fact that it’s licensed to transport about 5 people. It is can be accessed at a relatively affordable prices.

Super custom:

This may also include Hiace Van or Mini-bus; it is mostly convenient for bigger groups and especially for family safaris in Uganda and beyond. They carry approximately fourteen people but the space for your property is based on the number people traveling and length of a safari. For long tours, travelers will need much luggage to carry unlike the short tours. They are also found in automatic and manual transmissions and they have a sun roof.

Safari Land Cruiser:

This is also a 4 by 4 type that is popularly used by tourists who are interested in guided safaris and camping experiences in Uganda. This car carries up to eight tourists and it has a sun roof to allow you have wide range of glance at Uganda wildlife while on game drive.

Toyota Corona:

This is of small size and best suited for 2 to 5 travelers. It is more convenient for self drive safaris, city safaris, conference meetings and events.

Coaster Bus:

This car can be hired for people who travel in larger numbers of about 35 and it is convenient for school students, conference travelers, business travelers and bigger families. You can also hire 25 seater and 29 seater mini-buses or coasters.

Nissan Patrol:

This is another bigger 4 wheel drive car which well suited for safaris and tough roads and this is best for Uganda roads. It carries about 3 to 5 travelers and it has enough space to accommodate your property.

Salon car:

For budget travelers, getting a salon car can be the best option for you to take a safari in Uganda.

In conclusion, there are very many car rentals in Uganda that offer you opportunity to make the best choice for your safari. For new travelers, they can hire a car together with a qualified driver in case they are not familiar with driving techniques on Uganda roads or any country in Africa. Enjoy your safari with us and have a memorable experience in life.

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