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Extending Uganda Car Rental Duration

Extending Uganda Car Rental Duration

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Car hire trips in Uganda is becoming popular in Uganda. Many visitors are choosing this option because of many reasons. Destinations in Uganda can be explored in any way. The roads are good leading to the different regions therefore this makes car rental trips to be a success.

Visitors from other countries are allowed to drive in Uganda as long the someone has a valid driving license most preferably the international one though the local driving licence from the visitors country is also allowed. Since Uganda has so many wonders in different destinations, there is always a possibility of visitor wanting to extend the number days, they planned to spend on the car rental trips. This is possible with 4×4 rental cars Uganda.

Scenarios where visitors base on to extend their car rental trips

-Visitors can extend their car rental trip after falling in love with a destination, visitors may want to do more activities or to stay long at a certain place.

-Visitors may extent their driving trip after falling sick which may lead to missing some budgeted activities.

-Visitors may extend their car hire trips wanting to visit more places of interest. This may come in after being told by fellow visitors on the accommodation facility, may be in the lobby, bar or around the camp fire or around the park headquarters.

-Visitors may want to extend their car rental trip, wanting to stay longer at a certain lodge or Hotel. The lodge may be offering extra ordinary care, wanting to relax more from strenuous activities like mountaineering or Gorilla tracking among other.

What is needed to extend a car rental trip with 4×4 rental cars Uganda

-When you plan to extend your trip in Uganda, inform us in advance, this can be through a call or an email.

-Inform the consultant about the number of days you prefer to extend, and the destinations to cover.

-Inform the Consultant the day you are planning to return the car, the place and the time.

– Wait for the Consultant response to continue with your extension, A void extending on the car hire trip without informing the company.

-In case you have a plan of crossing the border, inform the company in an inquiry such that visitors are given what is necessary for the car to cross.

What is needed to drive in Uganda

-To drive in Uganda a visitor has to be above 18 years old. It is the minimum years allowed to drive in Uganda

-A visitor to drive in Uganda he or she should have a valid driving license, preferable international driving license or local one from the visitor’s country.

-A visitor to drive in Uganda, he or should have a valid passport. The company will ask for copies of passport and driving license.

-It is not allowed to drink and drive, visitors who have taken alcohol are not allowed to drive

-To obey the traffic sighs and the speed limit on the road is paramount. This limits on the accidents and ensure safety on the road.

-When the traffic offers stop you, obey his command. He will need to check on your driving license, insurance of the car, whether the car is good mechanical condition among others.

-In case a visitor disobeys one of the driving rules in Uganda, there is a penalty where a visitor is supposed to pay money depending on the kind of offense.

Points to Note

-Extending number of days on the car rental trip do not matter, whether it is a camping trip, clients with rooftop tent cars or Ground tents, it doesn’t matter whether it is a self-drive trip or with drive or chauffeur.

-About payments for the extended days can be discussed with company. Always make sure to inform the company prior to your extended days.

-Visitors on short or long rentals can extend their car hire trips in Uganda given prior notice to the company and get a consent.

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