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How to Go Gorilla Trekking on Budget

How to Go Gorilla Trekking on Budget


Mountain gorilla trekking is one is the most unique wildlife adventures, offering trackers a chance to hike so close – at just 7 meters to the mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. The adventure to meet up close with Africa’s mountain gorillas doesn’t come cheap!, Gorilla permits come expensive but absolutely worth the experience as the revenue collected to sell f gorilla permits directly contribute to mountain gorilla conservation.

A gorilla permits today goes for $1500 Per Person, for one hour to see gorillas in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park, while Uganda’s gorilla permits still goes for $600 for one hour, While gorilla habituation experience which goes upto 8 hours with the mountain gorillas in Bwindi national park goes for $1500 Per person.

Gorilla tracking doesn’t come cheap, but we have gathered tips here to create a less expensive gorilla safari no matter the gorilla destination you choose to go to.

Organize a group travel
Joining a group of travelers while on a gorilla safari saves money. Because the costs are shared such as driver, guide, fuel and transfer. For instance transport costs to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park by road are high than getting to volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. Look out for a travel company that organizes group tours and join them for a gorilla safari.

Find a special offer
Special offers do not run all year round and often change; it’s brilliant to look for them. You have to keep checking or consult tour companies, airlines and travel agent’s umbrella bodies such as the association of Uganda tour operators in Uganda, Kenya association travel agents or Rwanda tours and travel association. These and many more run special offers at particular months or seasons of the year on their websites and could include any of the special offers when putting together your gorilla safari.
Alternatively, some of the luxury high end lodges tend to offer discounts or give free nights when you stay for more than 2 nights. And that reduces the cost of accommodation as well as giving you value for your money.

Low season discount rates
Going on a gorilla safari during the low or rainy season which usually begins April to May and October to November for Rwanda and Uganda is a great way to save.
If you can sustain the damp weather, you’ll also take advantage of the advertised and discounted Uganda gorilla permit price at $450 per person.

Even though Rwandan gorilla permit price remain constant, however, safari lodges reduce their room rates and stay open during the rainy seasons. There are few visitors for gorilla trekking safaris since many fears to drive on wet or muddy roads. But the vegetation gets green and lush making for much better chance to trek for short distances because the gorillas move less or feed near the park boundaries and lower slopes.

Book your gorilla permit early at least 3-5 months
The availability of gorilla permits is very low. Booking one early is a secure way to avoid sudden increase in prices and rates which can affect the budget at a later time. The benefit is that you secure a permit before they are out of stock, select first and best choice of services at better prices such as lodgings.

Usually licensed tour operators require a deposit and once your safari is booked, it gets easier and possible to count down while saving for the rest of the money. Once you complete payment, your accommodation is secure as well as gorilla permit making your safari success.

In addition, operators take time to arrange every particular of your gorilla safari such as visas, air tickets, and yellow fever cards. With assurance you can book online, decide a gorilla destination, make payments and get instant confirmations.
Organize a self drive tour

Even though there are a lot of many transportation options offered by tour operators, self driving on your gorilla safari is a better way to save on transport costs. For instance you’ll not pay for driver or guiding services. You’re able to determine how long or little you can stay at places or attractions. Note, however, for security, you should be well versed with route maps and the destination to avoid getting lost or bumping into strangers.

First things first, you need to hire or rent a four wheel vehicle that is well inspected with manual or automatic conduction. Once you have done all the gorilla permit and accommodation reservations, it’s easier and convenient to collect receipts or permits yourself from Uganda wildlife authority or Rwandan development board.

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