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Self Driving in Uganda

Self Driving in Uganda


Self driving in Uganda or preferably self drive car hire is on crucial decision to make if you decide to travel to Uganda. A Self drive in Uganda requires you to hire a car from a local car rental agency and drive yourself unguided. This is a more common practice done by return visitors to Uganda that feel they can do it as well. However there are many first time visitors to Uganda who know and affirm they can do it on their own.

Self drive destinations in Uganda are mainly the top tourist attraction scattered around the country. From tracking mountain gorillas in the southern part of Uganda to wildlife safaris in over 10 national game reserves east-west-north and south.

Self drive car hire requires you to have wide knowledge about Uganda by taking off months and reading each and every spot about Uganda before you decide to travel on a self drive car hire. There are a few things you actually need to know and affirm you can handle for the incredible experience.

The Roads

Many of the roads in Uganda at the current situation are in perfect conditions. Most of the main roads heading upcountry are well paved and easily accessed. However the roads that branch off to main attractions are gravy and a little bumpy but absolutely passable. However others are being constructed to meet the requirements of road safety. Driving on the tarmac roads is 80km/hr as maximum speed and 50km/hr as minimum speed in towns and centres. A lot of traffic policemen are stationed on these roads with speed guns pointing at every car that comes their sight. So if you maintain averagely 50km/hr on your self drive car hire, you got a the first step to your self drive in Uganda a success. These traffic policemen/women are sometimes annoying. You really need to handle them so you go past them.

Driving in Kampala

Kampala is the capital city of Uganda and being a capital city of developing country, you will always expect a night mare of traffic in the rush hours. Drivers in Kampala are used to the bump-to-bump drive, only the clever survive. The normal basics of driving cars that you learn in driving schools do not apply here in Uganda Kampala drive. You need to apply friendly gesture to have way ahead. Kampala being a small city with many cars, infrastructure is over used calling for potholes in the city. You will bump into a pothole unnoticed. Traffic lights at some points do not work and drivers will not follow them unless there are traffic policemen. It rilly gets messy in the evenings where everyone is rushing home. You really need patience in you if you decide on a self drive car hire in Uganda

Self drive Vehicles and the Rental Agencies

Different car rental agencies in Uganda offer different cars for self drive. Some other companies restrict on the kind of vehicle they give for a self drive in Uganda. The most common vehicle most companies will offer you for the self drive car hire in Uganda is the SUV Rav4 a full time 4wheel that is perfect for a max of 4 persons with enough luggage space. The Prado land cruisers are also a common offer for self drive car rental in Uganda but a little expensive than the SUV Rav4s. Other vehicles are also available for hire and given out for self drive but are more sophisticated vehicles that are always given out with drivers. With these cars like the safari land cruisers, its more than just start-engage gear-accelerate and direct. Its more than just you behind the wheels reason most car rental agencies in Uganda will provide these cars with drivers and in any cases with breakdown, the drivers always have an immediate solutions.


Insurance in Uganda is not mandatory, but insurance in car rental is a must. Many of the car rental agencies in Uganda comprehensively insure their vehicles inclusive of third party. Always make sure you ask about the insurance policy or read the policies on the websites under the terms and conditions page. However the car rental comprehensive insurance does not cover the medical, injuries inflicted on the parties or on you fall under medical insurance from your own company. Please make sure you have medical insurance just before you make up your mind on traveling to Uganda on a self drive car hire in Uganda.

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