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Uganda Gorilla

5 Reasons Why You Should Go on a Gorilla Trek in Uganda

5 Reasons Why You Should Go on a Gorilla Trek in Uganda

Uganda Gorilla

There are so many exciting things that you can do if you choose to visit a really cool place like Africa. Did you know that a gorilla trek is becoming an increasingly popular adventures that travelers look for in Africa? There are a number of travelers who have got involved in this adventure and most of these travelers rate gorilla trekking as the best thing to do in Africa!

Though there are about 10 countries which are home to gorillas, there are a few destinations where gorilla tourism has been developed. There are a few destinations where one can go gorilla trekking. These include Uganda, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon and Central African Republic. Amongst all these destinations Uganda is one of the best places to go gorilla trekking!

It is completely true, and I wouldn’t doubt anyone who says that going to Uganda is a real treat, this was further complemented by lonely planet when it named Uganda the number one destination of choice for the year 2012. First and foremost, half of the world’s entire mountain gorilla population lives in Uganda and thus it offers the best gorilla safari experience on the continent. This is a sure enough guarantee that the aim of your travel will be achieved. There are many instances where you might be unsure if it is truly a good idea to do this sort of thing, but let me tell you – it really is safe!

The mountain gorillas of Uganda have been habituated so they are not dangerous to the tourists except of course when serious disturbed, they can act out to protect their loved ones which is instinctive of all animals, and for the gorillas being 98% human, it is self explanatory. So if you follow the guide’s instructions during the briefing and actual gorilla trekking, all is expected to be fine.

Why Go Gorilla Trekking in Uganda?

Many people would be worried about the area, due to the recent things we often hear on the news, but I assure you now – going to see all of the glorious gorilla families makes the minor risk worth it – try it out today, and I promise you that there is pretty much no way that you will not walk away from this situation displeased. As regards security, Uganda is one of the most secure destinations for any foreigner in Africa, mainly due to the government embracing of the multiple benefits of the tourism industries which has been recently enhanced by the introduction of the tourism police which is in place to foresee only tourism related cases.

The people of Uganda are so friendly that one would feel like they are in a home away from home, of which many have come to visit once but are guaranteed to visit twice well as others have made Uganda their home.

The Climate of Uganda is also amazing! You can just imagine a country that has the sun all year round and that you can actually have the sun for more than 4 hours a day during the wet season when it is supposed to be raining cats and dogs.

Aside of the negative publicity, that has always been done by people who have not stepped foot in the country, there is no way you will not get fulfilled when you got out there and experienced everything first hand!

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